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Vault Conference Announced By Patrick Bet-David

yes everyone’s live okay we got people
getting on here we got vishawn others
joining kill on Lex
Alex Ricky a bunch of people getting on
here on Instagram and on Twitter
periscope YouTube we got a bunch of guys
live here today I’m excited about the
announcement we’ll be making
here’s what I’ll do today on today on
today’s live and by the way as you get
Nam please let us know what part of the
world you are from I really want to know
what part of the world you’re from got
dan wilder on Marc’s blue summit we got
people from all over the world my gosh
it went crazy on YouTube love it we got
YouTube all over the place we got
Facebook all over the place we got them
all okay London Brazil great so here’s
what I’ll be announcing today number one
I’ll be announcing today’s speakers tell
me announcer the speakers at the wall
conference four of them which each of
them has a specific reason on why I’m
bringing them okay that’s one two we
have had this sitting here for a while
we have not yet opened it believe it or
not this has been sitting here for a few
months when we crossed a million stuffs
I figured we may as well open it I
haven’t even ripped it up yet we’ll open
it today for the million subs I don’t
even know what it looks like we will see
what it looks like and then at the end
I’ll take a few questions on what you
may have on whatever may be business
maybe we’ll even do a callin if you want
to write this number down when you want
it when you want to call in KY the phone
number let’s verify if it’s a correct
one seven four seven two six zero eight
four six one if you do want to call in I
want to address a few questions whatever
questions you want to process you
together we’ll do that as well one more
time the phone number is seven four
seven two six zero eight four six one
guys will be commenting but also you
know what the number is seven four seven
two six zero eight four six months so
let’s get right into it look you know in
a market place today you have a lot of
options on what conferences to go to
many many conferences you can go to
there’s a ton of them out there you can
go to some that are motivational you can
go to
some that ourselves you can go to some
that are a lot of different things but
there’s so many options on conferences
to go to my career my experience
attending conferences has been the fun
I’ve spent an event two free conferences
free events I went to my career early on
I went to events where I paid $99 events
for up $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 and the
most expensive one I ever paid was 46
thousand dollars to go to one conference
it was a program hosted by Harvard I
paid forty six thousand dollars and I
will tell you something here what’s wild
the one that I paid forty six thousand
dollars this is how much motivation that
was at the event okay this is how much
motivation that was at the event the one
that was forty six thousand dollars
there was nothing that was you can do it
you can go you can do this matter of
fact everything was opposite it was
about how tough it is it was about look
out for this enemy it was about watch
out for this it was about make sure
you’re raising money this way it was
about make sure you don’t run out of
money it was about why you need to see
oh oh it was about why you need a
running mate the proper kind of a CFO
why you don’t want to compromise the
talent you want to recruit and why you
don’t want to just bring anybody on
board because they may not mesh with the
culture that you have an accompany and
they’re going to be conflict there and
you don’t want to compromise your
non-negotiables it was all about
business and it was people from CEOs
from 64 different countries there was
140 of us and we spent time together and
this was the Volcom that this was a an
event hosted in Boston that I was there
for a couple of weeks and it was your
motivation then I went to all these
other conferences where I paid $99 $500
$1,000 and it was all you can do with
go-get-’em it’s so amazing believe me
believe in you you know all this other
stuff and it was so great and a lot of
the people that were there I noticed
were people that were not necessarily
hopeful that this can work out for them
was almost like oh my gosh I hope I can
I need some water mission I need some of
this stuff but I’ll tell you today fast
forward today out of all these
conferences that I’ve gone to the way I
measure conferences the following here’s
how I measure conferences and events
I’ve been to
how much of the strategies that I
learned from those conferences are still
in me that I use to date in my business
let me say this one more time how much
of the content and the strategies they
shared with me it’s within me today
that’ll still I still use today I can
tell you from the motivational
conferences I went to I don’t remember
much I can’t I don’t remember I remember
getting motivated and leaving but I
don’t remember much I remember just
going excitement it was so great a week
I lasted maybe two weeks I was excited I
came back you know everything’s gonna be
great I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do
that and then a week two weeks three
weeks four weeks later gone and I took
so many of my guys to these things but
the ones that lasted were the ones that
transfer strategies over to me so it
makes know what I mean by this year we
fry announced the speakership to you in
a moment and barmen also announced
really is that really the number two
country really number two come in you
will be surprised with a number three
country for the vault registration is I
got 36 listed here I’ll give you all of
them you will be shell-shocked ooh
number two or number three it’s very
surprising I just got the list here I’ll
give it to you here in a minute but let
me go back to what I was saying with
these conferences it has a lot to do the
conference you attend has a lot to do
with who you want to be and what kind of
business you want to build let me
explain I have a lot of people that come
here will sit with me and Mario and
Mario and I will sit down will talk to
them and I’ll ask a question I’ll say
listen tell me this do you want to be a
person who’s a motivation person do you
want to be somebody that’s a person that
builds a real business do you want to be
somebody that moves up as an executive
becomes a leader you want to be somebody
that eventually becomes a CEO do you
want to be somebody that becomes part of
a organization that goes out and builds
a company or do you just want to be one
of these content creators that they sell
packages and they sell content and set
by my program for six thousand dollars
by my program for nine thousand dollars
or nine hundred dollars or five hundred
dollars do you want to be that because
whatever it is more power to you and I
don’t have any of anything against any
of these but I can tell you what ball
conference is going to be about ball
conference is going to be purely about
strategies systems what to do what not
to do and strategies that I and the
speakers can transfer over to you and so
it’s not going to be something we’re
like oh my gosh what an inspirational
story of
she’s gonna be inspired of course you’re
gonna be motivated because you know
that’s part of the game but my goal is
for you to leave knowing your next 10 to
15 moves let me say this one more time
no one were your next 10 to 15 moves are
that you need to be doing in the
business every night when we finish
devolve conference we’re gonna be going
through this much content by the way
just so you know we have so much content
to go throughout the whole conference we
have so much content to go throughout
the vol conference that this you take
home and we’re not gonna sell this this
is only for people that attend and by
the way I hate to say this a lot of
people keep asking I appreciate that is
this gonna be alive an event where I can
buy an online to watch it I’ll pay
thousand dollars I’ll pay $500 we’re not
doing that you know my friend Kevin Hart
I remember when I went to his show
I never forget what he did he could he
wouldn’t let anybody have phones Mario
took out his phone to take a picture
Mari almost got kicked out Mari remember
this when we were in Chicago yes what I
almost got kicked out unlike you guys
like put your phones on Kevin just said
put your phones on they had a 30 minute
message they give about putting the
phones and about to put their phones and
I brought Kevin to do performance at one
of our events last year we had over
5,000 people there and there was no
phones because he was doing a show
called irresponsible and it’s unfair 40
attendees who spend the dollars and
travel to go there to say here you go
let’s put all the other contents live to
everybody else and on top of that even
though his show is gonna be on Netflix
now if you’re on Netflix on top of that
I need you face-to-face because we’re
gonna be processing a lot of stuff
together for those three days so I can’t
with you on building strategies to you
but I’ll go back to my points and then
I’ll give you some of the speakers look
two words remember this profit value
profit value profit value remember these
two words they will be a battle to you
because all online content creators look
at it as a religion everybody’s selling
their religion to you everybody’s
selling their faith to you somebody’s
telling to kind of join my church
somebody starting to come in join my
church I believe in this I believe in
that I believe in this whatever you
choose is whatever you choose I’m not
telling to go in the other direction but
I am NOT driven just by profits we’re a
very profitable company when I tell you
very profitable I mean
of dollars of profits being made on a
yearly basis it’s an incredible number
that we run with our financial firm but
there was a time I was only driven by
profits I went I sold I made money I
walked by when I saw that made money I
walked away the value is freedom profit
is short-term value as long-term Bezos
to each to get a lot of heat early on on
his calls his quarterly calls where his
investors would ask him and say man
would he get a lot of profits this month
would he had a lot of dividends this
month would he get a lot of distance run
wouldn’t get louder everybody was
complaining to Bezos for seven years
nearly no dividends no profits but this
company’s given them ins but this
company’s doing this but that company is
giving profits how come you’re not and
you finally one day kept saying this he
says look here’s all I can tell you I’m
building a company okay I’m building a
business if you stay with me a long term
you’re going to win but I’m not chasing
today’s profits I’m not chasing
tomorrow’s profits I’m chasing value you
want value I’m the guy you don’t want
value going through all these other
stocks and people want all over the
place for a short term long term you
know Amazon’s roughly a trillion dollar
company he’s worth around 140 billion
dollars do you know if Amazon’s a hunter
a trigonal company and he’s worth one
hundred forty billion dollars damn easy
guys we can hear you that means eight
hundred and sixty billion dollars was
made for other people eight hundred and
sixty billion dollars was made for other
people because they were focused on
value and a long term very important for
you to realize this so vault consider
this way motivational conferences are
short term they’re for profits the
strategy and system conferences are long
term therefore value if you want a long
term value vaults for you if you’re
looking for profits only short term
other conferences are for you this isn’t
something where I’m trying to get
everybody to come to the conference
because this is how I make money I don’t
make money on a conference like this I’m
not gonna make a lot of money on the
conference like this and you’ll find out
why based on the speakers on bring it
these are not cheap speakers these are
speakers I invest on some money into and
some of them are bringing because its
strategic some of them I’m bringing the
speakers and on top of that the event
we’re doing it the setup we’re doing it
it’s purely to bring that transferable
knowledge over to so you can implement
into your business
having said that let me get right into
it into the speakers okay so here’s who
the speakers are gonna be out of all
conference and I’ll give you exactly why
each speakers being chosen are you
trying to tell me something or no okay
so one I believe as you’re building your
business you need to learn how to tell a
story you need to have a weight method
of telling stories storytelling is a
very very big part of your business a
very very big part your business the
storytelling if you don’t know how to
tell your story you’re not gonna have an
advantage over your business the entire
getting a storyteller the entire game is
stories if you didn’t that sound we got
a private Airport right next to us in
our office and that’s what the sound was
when the Jets has taken off go to the
business summary there’s a lot of oil
people here that were right next to it
so the art of storytelling is big second
you have to know who you want to recruit
how you want to recruit how to retain
what to pay them what the incentives
should be and I decided to get somebody
on the recruiting side that’s incredible
the company that build their one from 0
to 150 billion dollar company you’ll
find out who it is and she was there for
14 years recruiting employees and talent
over and in last finales to me
discipline is very critical very very
critical and a big part of discipline is
having somebody that knows how to get to
number one and stay at number one spot
for a very long time that’s a very very
key component to get to number one and
stay at number one for very long time
and he was able to get to number one and
stay at number one spot in a very
competitive world for seven years and
he’ll be talking about the disciplines
and our last but not least you need
entertainment and bring in a very unique
person I’ll tell you who that person is
so let me start off with entertainment
Mari Friday night is entertainment is
it’s Friday night will be entertaining
this is the number one Mentalist in the
world number one Mentalist in the world
he knows how to read your mind when I
tell you he knows how to read your mind
he knows how to read your mind he has a
show in Vegas okay his name is Frederick
DaSilva and and before I kind of get to
the next person let me tell you story
about the Frederick this summer what
happened with us I go to his show in
Vegas okay after the show I’m with my
friend Steve Alfred and Armand and were
going down the escalator he’s at the
they’re just talking to guests so I go
to the bottom and this is what he does
okay he looks at me he has a blank sheet
of paper here
okay blank sheet of paper here and he
looks and he says let me my eyes I’m
looking at his eyes and he’s holding a
paper like this he says excellent then
he goes like this he was like this he
says what’s your lucky number I said I’m
sorry he says what’s your favorite
number I have a number he says what is
it I said 19 he goes like this is 19
I said get out of here he said yes 19 19
I said what’s your phone number he says
what do you mean that’s what you’re
gonna come to our conference so I
brought him to our company’s convention
and you perform and our companies can
mention he had a husband sitting on the
stage and his wife’s in the audience and
he says I want you to think about an old
girlfriend of yours and I said listen
Sky’s married this is not what you think
let the old girlfriend over there’s a
few thousand people in the audience and
he says great he says I’m gonna write
her name down he writes her name down in
front of everybody who turns her around
and he shows his girlfriend’s name
everybody in the audience like what his
wife is sitting in front of him simple
are you kidding me that’s what Frederick
DaSilva did he’s a Mentalist and the way
he finds candidates he throws frisbee so
it’s not like hand picking somebody
you’ll see how he does it at the vault
you’ll be blown away by the way he
doesn’t know any corporate events at all
the only reason he’s doing this event
with us is because I have a very close
relationship with Caesars we’ve done
nearly ten events with Caesars we’re
about to do another one with Mirage
we’re gonna spend a few million dollars
at Mirage and that’s one of the reasons
why he’s coming to do the show so and
her temper with Frank there’s the silver
alone some of you guys are tickets
you’re right along the entertainment for
that is going to cover the costs but
that’s enter Tim you need to have fun
when you going to the top and that’s
Fredrik this over the next speaker I’m
bringing in has become a very good
friend of mine I have a lot of respect
for him because what he does the
discipline he asks it’s it’s unmatched I
cannot tell you how much it takes to get
to the top of the world and he did
something that he is in the same level
as Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Arnold
never won mr. Olympia seven times so the
person that I’m bringing to talk about
discipline saying getting to number one
is staying at number one spot is Phil he
mr. Olympia very good friend of mine
seven-time mr. Olympia Phil Heath will
be at the event as well and I’ll be
interviewing him and many of you guys
will get a chance to ask questions as
we’re interviewing Phil Heath so Phil
Heath mr. Olympia will be there as well
Phil he’s gonna we’re gonna post a video
today about Phil Heath and he’s going to
share it as well and he’ll he’ll seat
himself as well but some of you guys
will get a chance those of you guys that
were founder and CEO package you’ll get
a chance to go in a private room that we
had to spend some time with Phil and
some of the speakers don’t go in that
room you’ll get a chance to have some
time with them would feel but Phil will
be attending the event and he’ll be
speaking at the event interviewed about
what it took for seven years to realize
how much the body goes through some
people win mr. Lampe at one time someone
in twice someone at three or four times
there’s only a few people that are won
at seven or more I think it’s him it’s
it’s Ronnie Coleman and it’s Lee Haney
it’s only those names that is the Mount
Rushmore of bodybuilding there’s a
reason why they call him the gift Phil
Heath will be one of the speakers at the
vol conference cannot wait for you to
meet him the third speaker that I told
you about the recruiter that I’m
bringing on board who was the chief
talent officer ready you know what
company a chair what company she was a
chief talent officer of Netflix for 14
years she was there from the beginning
to 14 years later and the company I
think got started in 94 she was there
from 95 about the fourth 14 years later
and she was the one that built the
entire culture of Netflix if you go
online and you type in Netflix culture
if you go online and you type in Netflix
culture there is a PowerPoint that you
will see about what they called it it’s
called freedom responsibility and
culture at Netflix like 121 pages when
you read that you will know she is the
one that came out with that culture wood
Reed Hastings took it from 0 to 250
billion dollars and I’m gonna share this
with you a big part of me bringing her
on board to speak is because what they
did at Netflix is not conventional
absolutely not conventional they don’t
believe in the traditional way of
building a business their way of
building a business and a culture and
employment they have a lot of people
said it was very cutthroat you know they
would hire people and keep them only for
two to four years and I would ask him to
leave and but they would pay
20 30 40 50 % higher than what the
competitors were paying salary was very
very different I think she wrote a book
Mario her book is called powerful Patty
McCord it’s her name and we’re gonna
give a hundred books of Patty McCord
when you come into first 100 people that
book their rooms at Hyatt if you haven’t
yet visit called powerful very powerful
patty McCord I recommend you listen to
the on eBay for coming because some of
you guys will get a chance to ask you
even better questions if you go out
there and if you go out there and what
he called it if you go out there and
read the book and listen to the audio
you’ll be able to ask better questions
when you attend the vault so that being
said that being said patty McCord will
be the third speaker I think yeah I’ve
already said well Frederick DaSilva I’ve
said Phil Heath and patty McCord I’m
very excited about patty McCord in a
very strange way and and Bob we have to
really figure out a way to get her out
there because you know when you’re at
that level you working with Netflix
you’re an equity position when Netflix
sells and it goes she has a lot of
shares you know she’s been a
participating a lot of that stuff they
don’t have to do this kind of stuff
they’ve made real good money but she’ll
be at the conference very excited about
that interview that’ll be taking place
and you’ll get a chance to ask some
so again founders and CEOs will get a
chance to meet her in a private room and
ask some questions from her and the room
we have set up it’s a real neat place at
the Hyatt where you’ll get a chance
again the first 100 that booked their
hotel rooms at Hyatt the first 100 that
booked their rooms at Hyatt you’re going
to get a free copy of her book when you
get to the conference we’ll just give it
to you when you get there now last
speaker that we just locked in and we’ve
been working on locking this person for
a while he was at the Himalayas he was
traveling with his family and and when
you’re him you can go anywhere you want
to go to let me explain to Hui ready
here’s how to explain to you who this
man is first of all he started off at
the bottom regular employee and he ended
up going straight to the top he’s
produced Batman the movie if you know
the movie Batman he was a producer of
uh-uh when it first came out the one
with Jack Nicholson I believe right
Batman with Jack Nicholson his movies
total have grossed over three
billion dollars his movies total have
grossed over three billion dollars now
watch this fifty Academy Award
nominations fifty Academy Award
nominations it’s what we’re talking
about fifty five zero Academy Award
nominations is what this man’s
experience on top of that okay on top of
that he goes out and he produces the
movie Batman Rain Man
I know what you did last summer wild
things for some of you guys number wild
things I remember wild things well
things was a pretty wild movie pretty
insane movie he produced and I think
I’ve watched wild things multiple times
if you’re a single male you probably
know what wild things is and you will be
blown away a you’ll be blown away by
what he’s done with that part and then
on top of that on top of that let me
continue you know a lot of temps a lot
of guys you talk to they talk about
creating wealth and as they create well
you know some people want to own a
sports team and you know what sports
team he owns he doesn’t just own a
regular sports team he owns four sports
teams okay he was a soccer team okay he
owns a soccer team he owns a I think
it’s a football team and anyways he owns
four different sports teams but the one
sport team that he owns in the NBA is
the Golden State Warriors and yes he’s
been there when they’ve been putting the
championship teams together he’s a
billionaire he’s made a lot of money in
his career and finally after many many
back and forth to took us a while to do
this but we finally got it confirmed
were very excited to have him at the
event Peter Guber will be speaking at
the vault again Peter Guber if you go
search for Peter goobers many of you
know who Peter Guber is he’s also one of
the owners of the Dodgers he was the one
that got a call from magic saying listen
we need to make this thing happen we
need you to be a part of this and the
Guggenheim deal he was a big part of
that with Peter Guber coming on board so
not only is he honored the Dodgers he’s
one of the owners of Golden State
he said his movies gross three billion
dollars 50 catimor nominations and he
went from a nobody to make in his
companies his net worth
in a billion plus dollars I wanted him
to talk about storytelling you got to
learn how to tell your story and no one
does it better than this man at one
point when he was on the tour a lot he
doesn’t do as many speaking as he once
did at one moment he does was doing a
lot of speaking himself he was
recognized as a top ten speaker world by
everybody wanted him but he hasn’t been
doing a lot of it he’ll be speaking out
the vault I cannot wait for many of you
to hear from him and ask some questions
on how he went from being somebody that
was just coming up to not building the
empire that he is built so now Peter
he’ll be talking about future media as
well as art of storytelling Patti McCord
will be talking about how you can create
a culture like Netflix and for you to
realize who you want the recruiting the
talent the culture she’ll be sharing
that stuff and I’ll be interviewing
goober I’ll be interviewing McCourt I’ll
be interviewing Heath and then Frederick
this level would be entertaining you
know when we talk about what Phil Heath
to see what he did to get to the top
position where he’s at right now so now
that part said and done did I miss
anything Mario kind what we talked about
here perfect so now let me get to the
next part here are the countries that
have so far registered for the vault
conference and I want to share with you
the countries from the lowest to the top
okay from the lowest to the top I’ll go
from bottom all the way to the number
one spot on a country’s and a register
for the vault we got 36 different
countries on a list here let’s go
through it at the bottom Singapore then
we have Denmark by the way your country
gets mentioned put your company country
flag there if your company country gets
mentioned and I’m a lot of pride when it
comes to demand your country name is
going to be on your name tab when you
come to the vault because I want people
to know where you fool from to come to
this conference so Singapore Denmark
then it’s Belgium then it’s Ecuador st.
Maarten Colombia Morocco Pakistan
interesting Pakistan sweden latvia
estonia Oman Bolivia Puerto Rico
Slovakia United Arab Emirates Romania
Norway come you got your country showing
up right Norway
India India we got India we got we got
multiple shields coming from India
Netherlands Israel registered there
Israel Italy Hungary France Philippines
Malaysia Australia South Africa is at
the ninth spot Australia is at the tenth
spot so South Africa number nine Mexico
number eight okay
Slovenia number four of seven Germany
six then we have United Kingdom number
four then we have we have a Brazil
number three I would have never thought
Brazil number three and Brazil knows
number three pretty well
Canada number two and obviously USA
number one those are the countries that
are registered so far for the vault
conference and by the way for those of
you guys for the first 25 people that
bind their tickets post today’s alive
the first 25 people that register for
the vault you will be getting a poster
that will be given to active All
Conference signed by all the speakers
that’ll be given to this poster will be
given to you it’ll be a 24 by 36 it’s
not gonna look like this the poster is
gonna be a 24 by 36 poster rolls you’ll
be able to take you back with you and
put it on the wall that you attended the
first ever vol conference listen there’s
a big difference between attending the
second or the third or the fourth or the
fifth imagine 20 years from now 30 years
from now you’ll be able to say I went to
the first ever vault conference ever vol
conference so make sure you register
it’s the first 25 that registered and
registered that get the autographed
posters so now having said that in a
minute I’ll take some questions but let
me first when you first open this up
let’s cut this up here and see what this
deal looks like and it will do some Q&A
and then after that okay hang on one
hmm I kind of know what it is I have no
idea what it looks like let’s take a
look ah here we go
this is what it looks like so far I
guess you first get a letter when you
open it up there’s a card
congratulations on your subscriber
milestone we have honored to take part
of recognize your achievement and part
of your experience to be exceptional
this award was inspected and packaged
with great care by Rick there we go
perfect and a letter from YouTube is
what you get apparently when you cross a
million subs and the letter says you’re
bigger than Vancouver you’re big enough
Venice you’re big in on Las Vegas 1
million subscribers maybe you’ve
imagined that day for a long time or
maybe you’ve never thought you’d grow so
big either way not much can match the
satisfaction of finding out that your
creativity now your idea is that your
voice speaks to 1 million people across
the globe we know that being able to
touch the lives of so many people is
reward enough
but we’re incredibly proud of all you’ve
done so we hope you’ll accept the gold
create Award as a token of esteem with
your track record we suspect you’re only
going to keep growing and we can’t wait
to see you reach the next milestone of
10 million subscribers
it may seem far away but remember the
days when you were psyched to have a
thousand at so try remember when we were
trying to Mar you remember when we
crossed the 100 subs we crossed a
thousand subs we were celebrating we got
here now believe we got a thousand
subscribers yeah you’ve amazed us keep
daring keep dreaming big and keep
creating you’re the inspiration for
everything we do sincerely Susan
CEO of YouTube very nice letter by the
way right very nice letter coming from
YouTube and then this is what it looks
like that’s pretty cool why’d you come
out so they can see you and say hello to
everybody everybody loves Mario does
that get our social so here’s what it
looks like that’s pretty cool for some
of you guys on a one-on-one so sick it
is pretty sick good heavy oh there you
go it’s nice so it says what does it say
let’s see presentative antenna for
passing a million subscribers on youtube
funny you see that Vista camera down
here this
you see it’s a CDC car you see everybody
see the team it’s a mirror right there
anyways we got a million subs by the way
this one happened without you you have
to realize that this wouldn’t happen
without the team that we have I wish
everybody would know honestly how hard
this guy works behind me honestly I
really wish everybody knew how hard this
guy works so you guys got to give Mario
some love because without Mario value
Taemin is Mario he’s done so much for
the team and and it’s just getting
bigger and bigger and we’re excited
what’s to come next yeah this is
actually pretty slow very different than
a hundred thousand and by the way it’s
pretty heavy right it’s real heavy here
take a picture this it is pretty heavy
you know the season of seals and
founders are actually gonna get to maybe
see it yeah put it in the room for the
seals and founders we’ll do that
afterwards okay let me give you the
stuff we’ll do that afterwards Mario
let’s have this here okay very very cool
and by the way for the most thank you
Mario for thefor the CEO and founder of
meeting I’ll be part of a lot of them so
I’ll be having a lunch I’ll be sitting
down with you on some of the
opportunities and I’m looking forward to
the conversations the question that’s
what I’m really looking forward to and
those CEO Bible we have CEOs coming
ranging from running a million dollar
your business to a billion dollar
business just so you know this we have
CEOs coming from ranging from running a
million dollar business to a billion
dollar business that’s what we have come
into the vault conference so remember a
big part of this is proximity a big part
of this is proximity it is so important
I’m I want to conference I always stayed
at the hotel let me explain to you why
because all the CEOs all the people that
are there they’re also having coffee
they’re also having to eat they’re also
having to go to the bathroom they’re
also having to walk around get some air
and do all that stuff and you get to be
around them let me give you a story here
when I went to Harvard I had a chance to
meet with the CEO and founder of a
Victoria’s Secret’s of a Europe of Asia
and Australia and Netherlands New
Zealand and I sat down next to him and
we spent two weeks together he had six
thousand employees and seven seals are
reported to him I can’t tell you how
much that level of proximity with him
gave me so much value so a big part of
attending the vol conference going to be
a very
discipline we’re gonna start early we’re
gonna go and not a lot of walking in and
out because we’re trying to get the
route information a lot of questions
you’ll be having people to team up with
case studies it’s got to be pretty
intense so you’re not just coming to
something where you’re gonna be walking
around casually this is going to be a
real serious intense type of thing we’re
going for three days it’s not just for
motivation and strategies but proximity
will have a big keep I cannot wait to
see all of you get registered to go to
the ball again if you want to get
registered go to vitamin calm to
register value team and calm CEO and
Founder tickets are already sold out but
the rest are still available they will
sell out very very quickly a lot of some
people are saying what I’m gonna buy my
ticket by May 1st it’s gonna be sold out
by then I wouldn’t be waiting that long
to buy the tickets I’d be getting my
tickets immediately before all of a
sudden I post something out there that
says the event is sold out so having
said that Mario did I miss anything so
far on what all right so why don’t we
take a few questions here I want to call
in we’ll process some issues here
together and then send you off the phone
number is seven four seven two six zero
phones about to blow up seven four seven
two six zero eight four six one more if
you want to put the question are you
going to start selling your sales
program at the vol conference the first
people that’ll be introduced to the
sales course will be at the vol
conference and there’s probably going to
be a pre-sale at the vol conference so
stay tuned for that again if you want to
comment seven four seven two six zero
eight four six one questions you got
dial-in seven four seven two six zero
eight four six one
we got an unknown number here yes how
excellent question can you tell me your
name you said you calling from Dubai but
loan okay perfect so so I’ll hang up and
I’ll answer the question because people
are still calling and alone if you’re
okay with that you’ll be able to hear my
answer in truth you’ve got a buddy
thanks for calling him
alright so great question from loan from
Dubai his question is he’s a web
developer he’s about to sit with a
company that did 80 billion dollars in
revenues last year fortune 500 company
and I know exactly what it feels like to
sit with a company that size and how can
be intimidating so long the feedback I
would give you is the following
I’m 29 30 years old I’m about to go sit
down with some of the largest insurance
companies in America and insurance is
very political very very political and
in the insurance world if an insurance
company allows somebody like me to sell
their products they don’t make money for
seven years here’s why the only way life
insurance companies make money is when
they stop selling insurance let me say
this one more time the only way life
insurance companies make money is when
they stop selling policies because every
time they sell a policy they have to
advance a hundred and twenty two hundred
sixty percent of Commission on top of
underwriting on top of everything so for
seven years they won’t see any money
there and I went there to negotiate with
them to pay us a few million dollars for
in advance and one of the companies i
sat with was a Fortune 100
but he was nearly you know 150 billion
dollar company at that time
and I went in there was 20 people in the
boardroom and I got up alone as you’re
watching this I got up and I said so let
me give you the differences between
myself and everybody else and I
explained all the competitors I said
here’s this person here’s their
strengths here’s what they have here’s
what their edges here’s what their
weaknesses here’s this company here’s
the scope I went through everybody and I
was very transparent because when you
act and you try to bash another company
it doesn’t work when you’re dealing with
brilliant people you know a lot of time
on competitors bash another company it
works when you’re not working with
lower-level people you can’t match
another company with executives because
they know everything about all the
companies there in that world so that
approach is not gonna work you’ve got to
get up and say here’s what this company
offers here’s what this company offers
here’s what this company offers here’s
what this company offers and here’s
their strengths here’s where they have
me beat here’s where they have me beat
but this is my proposition this is me I
offer this this this and this is my
areas of weakness you have to tell them
that it’s very powerful when you talk
about your weaknesses and you say my
expertise are in the following three
areas if you want somebody to do this
this you need these companies if you
want somebody to do this this this this
is my strength and I’m very transparent
I hope you can respect that I have a lot
of respect for your company then you
tell them the history of their company
from the beginning I know your company
was founded in 1868 I can tell you 1868
is New York life I can tell you a lot of
companies because of the negotiations I
did I will recite their years who the
founder was what it was all about how it
came up if you have some information
about the person who it is one time I
sat down with a person that I was
interviewing it was a major media
company and they were interviewing me
and I told seven facts about the person
that was interviewing me and she said
how do you know I went to a university
and how did you not win that year and
how did you know I did this I said
because I did research you have a lot of
respect for what you done in your career
I cannot tell you how far that goes
along if you tell the person the
accomplishments they’ve had the decision
definite to be part of the organization
the company they’re part of then all the
other companies on what they have their
strengths their weaknesses you what
strengths you have and specific your
weaknesses and the sale is gonna be you
talking about your weaknesses the moment
you talk about your weaknesses and you
talk about your strengths and then you
tell them
you know I’d like to start off when I
was at Morgan a lot of temps when he
would go to somebody that’s what five
million or ten million you’re trying to
get them to invest with you many times
when they would invest with you say they
have a couple million dollars but they
don’t want to give you anything and you
would say John you know here’s all I ask
you I’m not asking you for the entire
five million dollars I understand your
men would Smith Barney for the last 22
years and it’s a cousin of your expander
saying you trust and I fully get it but
look as a person like yourself who has
built your business to where it’s at
today in the dry cleaner business I’m
sure you remember what it was like when
you were coming up and you were brand
new and all you were hoping was for
somebody to give you an opportunity to
do business with you even though there
were so many other dry cleaners that you
remember those days yes all I’m asking
you is to start with me a little bit
maybe give me out of the five million
let me work with a half a million
dollars and see how I do if I come
through let me earn some what if I don’t
do well then no problem but I want you
to realize I’m with a company Morgan
standing dot dot dot dot dot dot dot so
come from that approach if they say no
ask for a smaller piece of business just
to get your foot in the door and when
you get in crush it with them because
then they’ll tell everybody and then one
piece of business turns into a lot of
different piece of business loan I hope
that answers your question for you
brother from Dubai we got one from
yes calling from Sweden tell us what’s
your question what was your question
well if I provide any internships matter
of fact I come on on here
that’s a great question you asked me
from Sweden this is Chi Chi can you tell
us where you’re from
normally how do we meet come over here
so they consume the cameras were over
we’re linked it can you tell us how you
took the approach I reached out I asked
them I started creating a relationship
and then you gave me a task I did it and
then I followed up and I continued
following up for over a year and then
finally six months ago today actually I
had a pitch for you over in the
conference room and you liked it and now
I’m here by the way he flew in from
Norway to just pitch went back and then
came back and we offered him an intern
and I he’s been with us and I can tell
you one thing his work ethic is insane I
like him a lot he’s a reader he’s got a
lot of grown to these got a lot of work
of improvement to do be challenging all
the time when you push him around a
little bit but he responds to it so you
want to be an intern here this is your
great example reach out to Chi Chi
what’s your handle on Instagram so you
can message you hi k8a ILO de que a I
elbow de Kent kind with two days and
then loading Chi with two A’s kaa il o
de de message him there and he’ll let
you know how he got on the team we’re
getting a call from Belgium thanks buddy
okay we got a call here from Belgium
what’s your name barkis how are you so
so are you asking me on how to get here
like these already asked me whether you
should come or not oh okay alright so
how would you by the way is your do you
have family here was it is everybody in
is everybody in Belgium God and you have
yeah so let me ask you this let me ask
you this do you love Belgium or to
Belgium just the country you’re living
in because it’s a transition place from
Afghanistan to Belgium so you’re
emotionally not connected to Belgium
okay fair enough and this is what I
would tell you I mean I will tell you if
you told me you’re from Belgium and you
love your homeland you love the country
you’ll love what it stands for you just
upset with what is taking place with the
politics there or the economy or how
they’re taking care of entrepreneurs my
suggestion for you would be you got one
or two choices I have you got
that place and come to America and
figure out a way to win here for your
family and your kids cuz that’s what my
parents did my parents came here when I
was 12 years old and we escaped Iran we
went to Germany lived there 22 years and
then I came over here and without their
decision to come here I wouldn’t be
where I’m at but if you would have loved
Belgium I would have told you get
involved in politics win so much have so
much voice there and control the
narrative so later on you can have
influence politically to possibly change
the economical situation in Belgium
where you become a hero but based on
what you’re telling me right now it’s
the latter
yeah it looks like you have a plan you
don’t sound like a regular 22 year old
kid that’s distracted you sound like
you’re asking real good questions and
you’re pretty focused on what you want
to do and I would trust the plan and if
you want to come to America obviously
you know what’s going to take place here
the only thing I would tell you is
between now and then I don’t know if I
suggest you having kids between now and
then it’s gonna be even tougher when you
do come through because I just take my
time with the kid part if you’re gonna
come here at 25 years old you’re married
that’s fine but when you do come here
come here with a good amount of savings
so you’re not desperate and meanwhile
between now and then a vault conference
places like this is very good for you
because all you’re focused on right now
is relationships
that’s all you focused on context
relationships context relationship get
your contact in us so big at study which
city which marketplace you want to go to
that matches the industry you want to be
a part of like if its financial it to
New York if its technology at Silicon
Valley and Austin if it’s you know media
maybe it’s LA in New York if its
financial Chicago could be another place
if it’s real estate you want to come and
be part of something where no one’s
trust in where you kind of but kind of
figured that part out so study the
economy or where you want to go to and
make your move but I can tell you I like
I like the way your process and issue
sounds like you going places how about
you know what I would suggest you do
here’s what I would suggest you do you
know guy is from also of Europe he’s
from Norway and kinds a pretty astute
guy for a young guy his age message him
and tell him the biggest difference he
notices between Europe I think he also
lived in California a little bit and a
few other places message and they’ll
give you perspective and I think he’s
your age as well Kai’s 21 you’re 20 or
20 or you’re 22 sentiment message again
hit set handle is Chi ka AI l OD e ka a
ILO D on Instagram and build a
relationship with them but great
questions buddy I wanna go on this next
call here all right take care
take your body we finally got a call
here from us
Texas Hoffman Texas tell us what’s your
you’re 15 years old 17 years old and
you’re calling and good for you why are
you not in school right now did you
or you’re in Lebanon the phone says
Houston so so phone says Houston where
you’re calling from Lebanon that’s why
you’re cutting in and out
well you’re 17 years old from Lebanon
following value taming tell us what
question you want to ask living in
Lebanon 17 years old live in a Lebanon
so here’s here’s a feedback I would give
you I’m gonna I’m going to turn that off
and I’m going to go through the
questions here by the way are you if you
said it’s 2:00 a.m. in Lebanon can you
can you tell me a little bit about your
parents tell me who your mom and dad are
real quick like 20 seconds what does
your mom doesn’t work in your dad’s a
mechanic what do you want to do like who
inspires you what story inspires you
when you see people you have an uncle do
you have somebody in your family that
inspires you or somebody online you
watch that inspires you anybody close to
you anybody that’s a relative that’s
close to you okay so let me answer the
question now I’ll hang up but I’ll
answer your question you know first of
all this is the one thing I want you to
know about is the fact that you called
from Lebanon you’re 17 years old and
you’re curious about getting some
questions answered I’ve got a lot of
respect for you but I’m gonna hang up
I’m gonna address your question for you
but kind of this person from Dubai has
been calling over and over again so keep
him on hold tell him I’ll go next so you
know he’s living in Lebanon 17 years old
Who am I morning Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi you
are not the quietest person buddy cope
with here okay guy go over there go with
everybody and then talk to them and then
we’ll take the call here in a minute
we get a lot of calls from dubai will do
a couple more questions and we’ll wrap
it up 17 years old Lebanon is calling
you know myself you know value tainment
to want to ask questions you know one I
want you to know I know the conditions
are very different where you’re at and
so what I would be doing at 17 years old
if I’m you being where I’m at one I find
the closest person to me that’s winning
or know somebody that’s winning
that’s a CEO that’s an executive that’s
an entrepreneur that’s somebody that’s
doing very well and I will do whatever I
could to go work closely with them for a
couple years to shadow them
my biggest strategy at the age your app
is shadowing I cannot tell you how much
Shannon will help you you monitoring
somebody you will learn more from
sitting in a room in a negotiation than
taking a you know going it you got to go
see these kinds of things taking place
you go to a company you work with accion
executive for your two years you learn
so much from them so much from them so
you got a first of all kind of get that
skill set for you shadows
somebody locally make a decision what
you’re going to state are you’re going
to go to another country if you are
gonna stay in that Lebanon to win figure
out who in Lebanon is winning and go
work for them closely and then after
that realize what your next move is
gonna be I know in a country like
Lebanon education is very very big and
your dance or mechanic if your dad can
find a way to help you with education
great if he can’t my solution would be
to go work with a winner
that’s in Lebanon and figure out a way
to shadowed and work as closely with
them meanwhile study all the content you
got pick one one audience that you’re
connecting with and study with them
don’t study a lot of different people
they’ll confuse you
it can consuming content online from 50
different people it’s like going to 50
different churches let me say this again
to you consuming content from five
different people that’s like reading the
Bible reading the Quran reading the book
of Marone reading The Book of Mormon
reading all these different things
you’re gonna be so confused study a
little bit of everything and a pick one
style that connects within and go study
them that’d be my suggestion to you do
we have the one from Dubai yes he’s on
home let’s see can you hear me can you
hear me yes so you call them from where
thank you so much wouldn’t happen with
all the right tenants around the world
obviously from this exercise right now
we’re realizing people are coming
calling from we got somebody calling
right now from Cambodia it wouldn’t
happen without all the so so these are
customers that want to be business
partners with you I mean you gotta
realize that that’s the highest form of
compliment I mean that is the highest
highest form of compliment that you’re
getting by the way we’re getting a lot
more calls the next questions I want to
ask I’m gonna take some questions from
YouTube some from Instagram and Twitter
and then we’ll go from there so
Instagram you guys can post your
questions I’ll come to you as well as
YouTube will go scroll through the
questions I won’t take any more calls so
you’re a last call let me go through
with you this is a very good question
you’re asking very very good good
question so let me give you a couple
perspective first well is this the first
company you’re building this is your
first startup or have you had a exit
okay so look anytime anytime anytime a
customer is asking to invest into your
question into your company that is a
complement of what you’re dooming that’s
number one
so props to you for whatever you’re
doing that’s one thing you got to
realize props you for whatever you’re
doing it every single time a client says
I want to own a piece of your company
take that as the biggest possible
compliment biggest possible compliment
is a customer saying they want to invest
into your company number two sometimes
it’s not a bad idea I had one of my
partners just recently came up to me
they’re a vendor that they became a
partner and we had a recent conversation
with them and they finally said look we
would like to do something different now
so what’s that we’re signing a couple
million dollars like a 1.5 million
dollar contract we’re signing with them
that we have to give them 1.5 million
for this one deal they’re doing but they
said would you mind if out of the 1.5
million dollars that we’ve given you the
bid would you mind if two hundred
thousand dollars of it we buy into the
company so what do you mean he says look
we know it’s not a lot of money but we
would like to buy into your company the
benefit of me doing that is now a
technology they’re creating for me
they’re gonna watch and if they built it
they have to make sure it’s a good
product because of the technology that
they’re investing into and building is a
good product that increases my value the
company now I have more people that are
concerned about protecting the company
and increasing value the company so it
may be a proper strategic move for your
end I just would do it properly and make
sure the person is somebody that you
have the right criteria involved ask the
right attorneys to give you the right
feedback on how to set it up it’s a lot
of contracting right now in paperwork
and details but more than anything else
I don’t know who the customers I don’t
know the details a lot of times this
will be an hour conversation because I
probably ask you 50 different questions
to find out who it is but this is just a
brief call here but props to you
compliment to you for the kind of
business you’re building I’m proud of
just know instead of getting upset or
annoyed or concerned or anxious about
what you should do this or not
number one take it as the highest form
of compliment from a customer wanted to
you gotta buddy I look forward to seeing
out the vault take care I’m gonna take
the song call from Cambodia because it’s
like he caught it
so Cambodia how you doing I am doing
very good how’s the weather in Cambodia
excellent so what’s your name and what’s
your question this is Patrick no Mario
is on the other side I understand let me
let me restate your facts 33 years old
you are debating whether you go start
your own business or continue your
family business you are you your family
business that’s 50 million dollars for
your business but at the same time they
don’t believe you’re gonna make it or
they think you’re gonna win because it’s
all because your family is that what it
got it so let me ask you are you the
oldest son middle son youngest son where
are you ranking amongst the family so is
it fair to say that the business is
probably going to be transitioned over
to you so who is the who’s a better
leader you or your sister I hate to ask
the tough question but who’s a better
leader you or your sister who’s a better
leader though who’s a better leader
who’s a better leader who’s a harder
worker who’s more around the business
who’s wanting to do more with the
okay got it
so to you okay I mean is this is this a
pride thing is this a is this a thing
where you’re worrying about what people
are gonna say that you will really build
build a business your family did okay
you know who the president United States
is right now what’s his name this is no
no I’m not the president this was
Patrick with David what I’m asking you
is do you know who’s the president of
United States the yes Donald Trump
you got a Donald Trump okay do you know
can you can you pull up that documentary
how’d our executive three what’s it
called Trumpster what was it called
trump stirs uh so so so the person you
want to study in the Trump family is the
grandfather it’s not the father it’s the
grandfather okay if you look at the Bush
family it’s also the grandfather the
grandfather was a governor then the son
became a president then the son son
became a president and that is continued
right you have to realize that no matter
what you do in life you’re going to be
in someone’s shadow I want to answer
this here now wrap it up because we only
have a minute thirty on Instagram so
I’ll answer on the live and it will go
from there
take care buddy okay
yeah meet the trunks is that what it is
okay sounds good take care buddy I’m
gonna ask you the question on YouTube go
on there okay so the concern is a great
question Bob we’re not gonna do no more
that I’m just gonna go on a lot cuz this
thing is blown up and we got a minute
here oh we got a minute here 59 seconds
on Instagram pbd 50 seconds on this one
we’ll go back live again and we’ll wrap
up as we’re being live on YouTube here
for a while so the question is concern
is the fact that he doesn’t want to be
in the shadow of his father he does not
want to be in the shadow of his father
because what if you know people gonna
say that you only made it because your
father here’s what you got to realize
there’s not a single person watching
this say you’re not in the shadow of
somebody not one person every body is
someone’s shadow you are a shadow to
somebody just like somebody else is a
shadow to you but at the same time if
you want to create your own identity you
can as well I don’t think it’s a
decision of whether one must leave or
one must stay the reality is he’s
probably gonna have a bigger leverage if
he stays and he leverages his father
there’s a lot of people that are
successful today because they leverage
their last name I am just somebody that
had to figure out a way for myself to do
it but if you have an advantage to have
an edge over them you may as well so
that’s the question you got to answer
you want to share it and then go back
and go live again alright and I’m back
on install myself here so let’s do a
couple questions on YouTube if you want
to scroll that down there’s a bunch of
people Pat how can I improve my
interpersonal skills Mario do you guys
Orlando I don’t know about the paint guy
I’m sure we have paint contracts that’s
the best question of the day Richard
Welch i peabody what do you think about
running overlapping businesses
simultaneously in order to leverage
other business relationship while
maximizing your profits so he’s asking
about doing two different businesses at
the same time to overlap relationships I
don’t it depends on the face of the
business you’re at Richard I’ll tell you
this I didn’t start doing anything
overlapping value Tim and I didn’t start
until 2013 and that was doing one video
a week and then 2015 is when we started
doing two videos a week and 2017 is when
we started doing three videos a week I
believe in the following and I know some
people don’t agree with this because
we’re living in an era where everything
is about multiple streams of income
multiple streams of income if you want
to sell a book that sells a lot write a
book about not working a lot maybe write
a book about working two hours a week or
maybe write a book about multiple
streams of income and it’ll probably
sell because people don’t want to work
and people want to find shortcuts and
people want to find ways to you know
make money fast and all this other stuff
I am driven by value and Richard if
you’re trying to build a company of
value you got to focus on one business
and get it going until you have five ten
fifteen million yourself then you could
go get distracted and risk with other
businesses but if you look at Amazon
they started with only books and then
they expanded they didn’t say books this
this this this this that only Steve Jobs
he started with computers for me van
they said iPad iPod what was the first
one they came up with with I tiny it
wasn’t an eye touch or something like
that they came up I pod and then they
went to I phone and all this other stuff
where they started with computer first
and then they expanded Microsoft is
software okay
Microsoft built computers at one point
most people
no this Microsoft came out with a
computer called gateway is that what it
was called Gateway computers Microsoft
that it was called gateway black
computer didn’t do what you look at the
Michael Dell Dell computers if you can
pick one to build I suggest you do that
sound document or Sena this past weekend
it was amazing well better oh I’m glad
you watch it I’ll watch that thing so
many times happy be when your company
went to $13,000 what made you speak to
your gut and keep pushing you’re
fighting honestly it was a the
alternative wasn’t something I wanted
the alternative wasn’t exciting to me I
don’t want to just go out there be an
average and ordinary and I knew that the
fiction look I wrote that’s 96 thousand
words one of the things in the book I
can’t say the whole story about it
because I’ll publish the book once I’m
no longer a CEO because if I go public
today it’s a little bit controversial
I’ll go public with the book probably
the next three years it’s finished it’s
finalized it’s sitting there there’s a
part in the book where you come to this
place and they test you for your level
of how much you can handle pain okay how
far you can go with pain and for me when
I look at a lot of people most people’s
pain threshold is not a lot
most people’s pain threshold is not a
lot so the moment something gets too
difficult they run they flight right you
know the whole thing about fight flight
freeze fight flight freeze something
gets hard you either fight you flight or
you freeze you don’t know what to do
right when your pain gets so high and
you’re building a business and you’re
lonely you can’t talk to your mom you
can’t talk to your wife you can’t talk
to your husband you can’t talk to your
kids your friends nobody because you’ve
told everybody I want to build a
business right think about it you’ve
told everybody gonna build a but you
come you told everyone I’m gonna go
build this Empire we’re gonna win and
now you having a hard time and you want
to tell other people having a hard time
you can’t do it so that comes to a poem
where you’re lonely when you have no one
to talk to where you’re talking to the
car were you’re calling people that have
nothing to do with you okay where you’re
finding somebody a conversation out of
Starbucks with a human being is more
filling than a conversation with anybody
because you just need somebody to talk
to while you’re going to yarn house and
you’re sitting there at the bar and the
guy gets the bartender that 28 minute
conversation at the bar you need it
because you needed a release but to ask
you a question for you the reason why I
didn’t when I went all the way down to
$13,000 I had spent seven and a half
years increasing my savings to half the
million dollars of cash which to me was
a lot of money at the time no one in my
family had half a million cash in their
20s and I put a hundred percent that
into the company and at the window all
the way down to thirteen thousand that’s
the moment where I said Pat if you’re
going to make it you have to go through
this moment it’s you versus you what are
you made up of and that was really my
conversation with myself late night in
the apartment complex I was living in at
the time called the summit at the
Woodland Hills 1:30 in the morning I
went out and I was listening to my ipod
I remember the song I was listening to
was a foreigner I want to know what love
is the reason why I was listening to
that song is because we sang that song
in the Army on Friday nights or Saturday
nights we would drink a pack of six-pack
you know and we get drunk on the cheap
beer now Miki’s or 40s or old english
and we would sing i want to know what
love is so it took me to that moment but
I said Pat what do you want to do and
the more of these times you quit that
becomes a very simple habit more and
more and more you quit constantly Oh
quick quick quick quick I don’t want
that muscle so great question I’ll do
one more question on one of these
platforms and then we’ll wrap it up
Patrick can you answer me something as a
perfectionist I love everything that buy
the place oh that’s always something
that bothers me as a perfectionist why
you as a perfectionist you have a good
and you have a bad the tough part about
perfection is you have a hard time
delegating the good part about a
perfection is you’re going to get things
done so I like hiring perfectionist but
sometimes as a leader of being a
perfectionist you’re going to drive
people insane if you can figure out a
way to work with that size people will
want to work with you and they’ll want
to put a team around you it’s very
difficult working with me sometimes it’s
very very difficult sometimes you guys
got an interview Mario you got to
interview my wife you got to interview
two people that work here to tell you
how tough it is sometimes because I want
some things to be done a certain way but
over the years I’ve learned
that without a team you can’t build
something big so you have to realize the
most valuable asset you have the people
around you to help you build a big
business okay so having said that again
remember the four speakers Frederick
December the number one Mentalist in the
world will be performing Friday night at
the vault number two Phil Heath
seven-time mr. Olympia will be
interviewed at the vault
seven times seven consecutive years he
won mr. Olympia the only other people
that I’ve done it seven times is Arnold
Schwarzenegger Lee Haney and Ronnie
Coleman the seven-time plus I think
Ronnie’s done in this wall
then we’ll have Patti McCourt Patti
McCord was a former challenge chief
talent officer at the Netflix for 14
years working directly with Reed
Hastings she’s the one that put the
culture together and presented it to
Reed Hastings 127 pages and they took
the company from 0 150 billion she’ll be
talking about how you can put you on
team together and the last finales Peter
Guber who is the owner of Golden State
Warriors and owner of the Dodgers part
owner and he was the producer of Batman
he’s produced movies were 50 Academy
Award nominations he’s had he was a
producer Rain Man producer of I know
what you did last summer producer of
wild things and a lot of other things
he’s done he’ll be talking about the
future in digital media as well as the
art of storytelling at the vol
conference may 1st to May 4th at the
Hyatt if you haven’t yet to register
remember the first 25 divided the
tickets today you’re going to get a
signed poster by all these guys the
speakers at the conference given to you
posters gonna look different it’ll be 24
by 36 you can take that and put it up on
the wall saying I was at the first wall
conference ever if you haven’t purchased
your ticket claim your tickets before it
sells out go to value tame and calm I
cannot wait to see you face to face
three days together in Dallas at the
Hyatt May 1st to May 4th cannot wait to
see you take everybody go glam your
tickets we’ll see you in Dallas all right let’s see this
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