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The Long Term Effects Of Serving People

sometimes you do good for people and in
business it’s it’s in life you do it so
many times that nobody sees it and you
get discouraged like what am i doing
anything good if nobody sees it I heard
a story by man five and a half years ago
man named Eric who wasn’t a navy many
many years ago was in the Navy many many
years ago right here by Santa Barbara
and he said one time my sister ditch
school and her and her beautiful friend
were going to the beach and I begged my
sister to take her with me so she
initially said no but finally she took
her and took him and this is back we’re
talking 60 years ago cuz he’s in his
late seventies this man Eric 60 years
ago he’s he’s 13 years old so 65 years
ago seven years ago you’re talking 1950s
1960s 1940s 1950s and he says I got into
the wagon week we go and while you’re
driving to the beach on Las Virgenes or
canid there’s this tunnel that you go
he says the wagon breaks down and we
have no idea what to do I’m 13 years old
my sister 16 years old I don’t know what
to do with that what are we gonna do
with that and he says a man pulls up in
his truck with a dog in the truck with
him he’s in his mid 20s
late 20s I think I thought he says can I
help you with anything he says yeah you
know we have a flat tire here and we
don’t know how to change this no problem
goes back gets everything comes down
changes a tire and says you kids take
care of yourself there’s no problem they
say sir what’s your name so my name is
Ronald Reagan interesting story do you
think Reagan knew at that point one big
to be President and another person who
was in the Navy is gonna tell this story
to another person and this story’s gonna
be told years after he passes away do
you think when he’s in that moment he
knows it I don’t know if he does I don’t
think he does at that time he was trying
to be an actor in Hollywood and his
career was sport announcing and all this
stuff that he was doing when he left
Nixon so many times when you do good and
you think no one’s watching
just remember the goodness of doing good
you know one you feel good about it but
second is when you do it hundreds of
times over a 10 50 20 year period
eventually your reputation follows and
many people start talking about it this
concept works in life it works in
business it works in if you ever
planning on getting into politics it
works in anything with that reputation
spreads people want to have somebody
like that in their lives and they want
to do business with someone like that in
their lives so today for no reason at
all go do something good for someone and
if you want to share with us on the
bottom tell us what you did I’d love to
hear about it but today just for no
reason at all help somebody out today
one you’ll feel good – hopefully becomes
a habit and continuously once you do
that 10 15 20 years from now your
reputation will start spreading to everybody else as well
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