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The Best Problem Solvers In The World

I’m counting on your inventions like our
generations counting on your innovations
like we are truly relying on what you
guys are gonna be doing because you 100
percent of world’s problems guys I’m at
Harvard Business School there’s a part
everyone’s got to go up their pitch I’m
one of the 16 people that pitches in
front of a couple hundred people I
believe 100% of all of world’s problems
are gonna be solved by entrepreneurs
100% 100% of all of world’s problems are
gonna be solved by entrepreneurs I 100
cent believe that 100%
watch this I’m at Harbor business who
everybody’s pitching their opportunity
one guy gets up in pitches and he says
here’s what we have invented we have
invented a technology that tells the
city the state the county to expect an
earthquake in three minutes we give him
a three minute warning we’re like get
out of here let me show you the
technology we’re literally sitting were
like oh my gosh how many people have
been killed for earthquakes to see at
last year did you see it only what
happened hundred some people died for me
and only earthquakes we don’t worry
about in America because the buildings
are built solid but what about some
places they don’t have the best things
being built now the guy in a Lagos
Africa people don’t have water we’re
okay with water here but one of the
biggest world prompts today that
everybody’s fearing is what water this
company starts this machine it’s a
hundred million dollar plant you create
it produces a million gallons of water
every day from air air this water
problem is done because of entrepreneurs
next guy comes up with cancer I’m
sitting and I’m saying man entrepreneurs
are gonna rock the world we have 7.2
billion people living in the world today
only 400 entrepreneur and a million
entrepreneurs that’s 5.7% not enough we
need to take that to 20% we take that to
20% you know what can be figured out any
problem pick it I don’t give a what
it is any problem is gonna be solved by
entrepreneurs any problem will be solved
by entrepreneurs you
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