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How Lamborghini Became a Super Car Comeback Story – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

hello everybody welcome back to case
studies with the biz doc this week is
one of my favorite topics automobiles
and one of the most amazing stories in
automobile history Lamborghini and many
of you asked for it and you’ve got it
we’re going to go through three things
first is the wonderful story of an
entrepreneur named Ferruccio Lamborghini
and how this automobile marque came to
be the second is an unfortunate 20 years
of wandering in the wilderness for the
buyers and the owners of the car company
after Ferruccio sold and then lastly is
a wonderful Renaissance for this proud
proud brand that’s been driven by Audi
let’s start in Ferruccio Lamborghini was
born in early 1900s and he suffered
through World War two like most people
in Europe did as a man of military age
so he hit was forced to serve he served
as it turns out on a small island that
was used part of a small Defence Force
on the island unfortunately he didn’t
see any deadly action but what he did
while he was there during a time of
shortage during the war time as most
supplies are being dedicated to war
machines and winning the war and all the
things that went with it he was very
resourceful very mechanically inclined
and so he would work on engines and
people’s tractors and things as a
soldier on this island
he was quite mechanically inclined when
he got out of the war he followed that
natural aptitude and that passion and he
looked around and he saw a need in Italy
a need to rebuild and one of the things
people really needed to rebuild in
communities was tractors so he started
taking old war machines with engines
that were still in good shape and
reconfiguring them to create the early
Lamborghini tractor now he would do this
with all these parts and in 1947 he was
running about one tractor a month by
taking these parts putting things
together and building it out of these
repurposed war machines he then got the
bug for you know what if I could put
this into a vehicle and I could do
something with it you know an engine is
an engine and there’s this race called
the Mille Miglia
and that race he got into in 1948 where
he had kind of you know souped up a car
went and entered the race it’s like a
thousand miles long I think it is or a
thousand kilometers excuse me and about
700 kilometers into it he had a terrible
crash and where he went into a
restaurant crashed right into a
restaurant and at the end of that he
said I have no further interest in
racing automobiles but he did have a lot
of interest in enjoying automobiles and
he would buy some of the top automobiles
of the time and at one point owned a
Ferrari 250gt now if you have one of
those today that’s several million
dollars of collector’s item but back
then it was a wealthy persons a
successful person as he was now nearing
four hundred tractors a month and they
just a thriving entrepreneur with a
wonderful business he had also added
heating and air-conditioning to that so
he expanded his knowledge and his
aptitudes to other things that were
needed after the war and became an early
post-war industrialist entrepreneur
successful wealthy guy and in a Ferrari
well what happens to Ferraris in those
days well at that time cars broke down a
lot well the Ferrari had a very
sensitive clutch and it was also kind of
rough on roads and so he went and he saw
Enzo Ferrari at the factory and he
talked to them about their service now
there’s a lot of angles to the story
here and who knows what is right but we
know two things one he owned a Ferrari
and it had mechanical problems there’s
no dispute that part of the story the
second is he had to take it to you know
to Maranello to see the old master Enzo
Ferrari to get serviced and where the
folklore begins and maybe the truth ends
we don’t know there was some sort of a
confrontation between the two men you
know your clutches or crap know you
don’t know how to drive the car
something happened there who knows what
it is
it makes for wonderful storytelling
nowadays but nonetheless there was some
sort of dispute because you know you had
the customer annoyed bidders clutch kept
going out and you had the guy that built
the car saying you know I wish you guys
know how to drive it better from there
he went back and said you know what
whatever old man Ferrari can do I can do
so photo cho goes back and creates the
first lamborghini road car it was
performance it generated 350 horsepower
which was tremendous for those days
because he felt there needed to be much
more horsepower coming out of these cars
and some other accoutrements so he went
and designed it and he had a b12 in
there therein is the start of the legacy
of Ferrari v12 Enzo had one in the front
of the 250 GT and Lamborghini had one in
the front of his well a couple years
later about 18 months later actually at
the Auto Show Lamborghini introduces the
350 GTV
and the world is stunned it’s a
wonderful car with a very powerful v12
and in fact a gentleman named de lara
which at one appoint once upon a time
was a Ferrari mechanic or Ferrari
employee was actually now working with
Lamborghini so here in the rivalry
starts so how did those conversations go
at the factory over the clutch who knows
but what we don’t do know is in 1963
Ferrari that had had quite a head start
in Lamborghini were competing in the
Italian super fast super beautiful
supercar markup a couple short years
later Lamborghini introduced the Miura
now if you look at this Lamborghini his
astrological side was Taurus and he had
a fascination with bullfighting so after
getting over the numerical designations
for brands he turned to names of bulls
and bullfighting themes and that would
be the naming convention that is in
Lamborghini still to this day and there
you have the beautiful beautiful story
of an entrepreneur that created what it
becomes a legacy a demanded wonderful
you know high-end car among elite people
who understood what it stood for now we
get not that long 11 years after that
wonderful moment at the Auto Show in
1974 what does Lamborghini do we does
what a lot of you know dot-com
entrepreneurs did in the late 90s and
what a lot of technology entrepreneurs
do today he said you know I’ve been
working hard on this for some years
and he’d been building tractors even
before that and he sold
he sold his interest but the company
kept his name because that brand was
gold more like platinum and he went
often after selling most of his holdings
and things by the late 70s Lamborghini
was off operating a winery so this sort
of ends chapter one of this beautiful
entrepreneurial story of a soldier with
mechanical aptitudes that builds
tractors that gets inspired to build
cars and establishes one of what would
be the Grand Marquis in supercar history
and now we go to the next chapter
a tragic wandering well he sold the car
and within a few short years within four
years it’s in bankruptcy and at the time
he sold the car the famous introduction
happened of the Lamborghini Countach now
kun talk was not a name of a bull kun
talked as it goes apparently was a name
that men would utter if they saw a
beautiful woman so it was kind of a
colloquial term and so it would be and
he said that was one of the things that
the first model of the kun talk when
Lamborghini first saw it assembled and
in full life outfits drawings been alive
he said kun talk because it was just so
beautiful and as the story goes that’s
how it was named and then he would sell
it at the point of its introduction
selling his holdings it was followed by
its little brother
the Jabba and then we go into bankruptcy
so after all this time this poor company
starts 1978 and here comes the 20 years
of wandering a group of gentlemen’s the
mem runs I think it was John Claud and
Patrick I think was the two names I’m
not sure and it doesn’t really matter
but they bought the company out of
receivership over a four-year period and
they kind of got its own its feet going
back the production numbers were not
that high the quality was not that great
and in 1970 87 the company was actually
bought by Chrysler Chrysler invested in
it and shortly after that the Diablo was
introduced that replaced the Khun talk
and Diablo the
well we now have adult supervision and
mass production techniques but we don’t
really have as much a recovery as you
might think
partly because there were things that
were going on in the world in terms of
economics and over the course of the
history of Lamborghini you know the
economy really kind of bit them at the
wrong times you know in 1973 right
before he sold it that’s when we had the
oil crisis if you read your history
books there then we had the hostage
crisis the United States had the hostage
crisis with Iran Iran in Iraq were in a
horrible war and the world was in
instability there had been the 67 and
the 73 war in Israel so there was a lot
of things in the world economy that were
kind of shaky and nonetheless you know
chrysler goes forward you know with it
and doesn’t really do a whole lot some
of you may say no that’s not correct
they really got it back on its feet well
to an extent you can say that but it
certainly didn’t return to great glory
and prominence although there were just
sheer signs of recovery for sure in 93
you know six years after Chrysler bought
it Lamborghini passes away at the age of
76 he wasn’t really involved his name
was still involved there were certain
elements of you know marketing that he
might show up now and again but for the
most part he was not involved he was
doing his winery thing but his name was
living on and his name would stay
Chrysler then sold it because they were
having some issues and so looking for
things to raise capital and they sold it
to my calm said Co which was an
Indonesian company and the Indonesian
company tried and tried and tried to
work with it but after four years they
were like you know what this takes a
little you know super car manufacturing
takes a lot of innovation a lot of
capital a lot of money and they just
didn’t really have it to put in and they
sell it to outi this ends the 20 years
from bankruptcy to 1998 from this
incredible Challenger from an amazing
entrepreneur that comes up that sells to
see what had been made and the
introduction of the kun talk to suffer
over 20 years there’s only one word for
that is damn what a blown opportunity
what a tragic wandering this was but for
those of you that loved Lamborghini
marque there was a renaissance under
Audi because OD was always known as an
outtie brought us the Quattro which was
full-time all-wheel drive and other
innovations they weren’t the first with
four-wheel drive necessarily but they
were highly innovative and the things
they did they were winning Rally
championships making unbelievable Rally
race cars
one of the first females in that corner
racing Michele Mouton was out there
winning races and so out II was known
for innovation and breakthroughs and
just driving forward it was actually the
Volkswagen Group the Bott Lamborghini
but they were like okay we buy the
Lamborghini from we buy Lamborghini from
the Italians but the Germans like ah be
better put that with the Audi not in
with the Volkswagen Volkswagen like
little car you’re not so fast good gas
mileage and Lamborghinis like a squashed
Volkswagen Beetle with really sharp
edges so maybe we’ll put it with that
the Audi guys would go fast and so
there’s where it went so it goes off to
Audi and away they went and so look here
and this is really interesting I was
able to dig in and get some car numbers
and what I do you know Lamborghini is
buried inside of Oddi which is buried
inside of Volkswagens sometimes it’s
hard to find information and one of the
places I like to go is centi oh and I go
to centi oh because I’m able to drill
down there’s a great search that was in
there and I was able to search down for
the word Lamborghini and dig in and find
this stuff so some of you had asked me
how I do case studies and you gotta have
tools to go get it and thanks to sin tio
I was able to dig in and find every
place that the Audi people had mentioned
Lamborghini harmonized it all together
and pulled a lot of the stuff out so how
do soph and running and we see the
numbers here going from you know in the
low 200 to 300 vehicles being
manufactured at the time they buy it
quickly up to 16 you know to 7x almost
2100 here in oh six but then guess what
happened bang oh seven oh a oh nine we
have the mortgage meltdown in the global
financial crisis and banking so as you
can see
bankers and other people who could
afford it goes down because this is an
ultra luxury good at the time that there
is an ultra crisis in the very thing
that’s needed to buy an ultra luxury
good cash and so with the cash crisis
and a financial crisis there all the way
down to 1,300 and 2010 but then once
everything the smoke is cleared and
onine was a recovery year here we go and
this last year they sold 3800
Lamborghinis now the Diablo you know
replaced by the Murcielago replaced by
the gerardo and then Gardo replaced by
the hurricane a Murcielago replaced by
the Aventador and then the Earth’s SUV
so if you want a Lamborghini SUV
everybody seems to be making midsize
SUVs Maserati makes the mid-sized SUV
Bentley is making a very nice SUV so
everybody’s into that place and it makes
you know some sense I don’t know if you
ask me for the branding I don’t know if
it really fits but nonetheless everybody
else is doing it so away they went and
so now you have this amazing collection
of cars in which all-wheel Drive is
shown up in the Lamborghini product line
I wonder whose idea that was
and quality is returned to Lamborghini
by most people’s accounts although
stupidity among super wealthy
Lamborghini drivers has never been cured
you have thirty eight hundred this year
along with 2019 they believe they can go
to seven thousand to seventy five
hundred cars 2019 now will they get
there I don’t know they did eleven
hundred here in the first quarter of two
thousand eighteen and if you multiply
that times four that’s forty four to
forty six hundred cars which would be
higher than last year so maybe they can
get there maybe they have plans for this
SUV and sort of the the wealthy market
versus the super wealthy market who
knows nonetheless outtie has drawn a
renaissance in marketing branding
innovation and features and you know
design and recovery it hasn’t lost that
wonderful Lamborghini design so let’s
say you’re like a an NBA high draft pick
and you’re like the number three draft
tech you know a Lamborghini Aventador
will actually cost you roughly nine
hundred and fifty thousand dollars and
this is how it goes
you buy this at this beautiful orange
you know you pick one of those skittles
colors the event sad or for $400,000 you
put you and your coked out supermodel
girlfriend in there you go down Sunset
Boulevard Justin Bieber pulls up next to
you in his Ferrari f12 you go for racing
with him you wrap it around a tree
fortunate you’re not killed but now
you’ve destroyed your car but now you
can’t go to a party without your bright
orange you know a Lamborghini Aventador
that you’ve put all over Instagram so
what do you do you go back to dealership
you buy a second one for $400,000
because you forgot to turn in the
receipt to your insurance company and
get coverage on the first one so it’s a
write-off so now it’s $800,000 however
now you’re coked out supermodel
girlfriend refuses to ride in the
Lamborghini so you got to go back to
outie and buy $150,000 r8 then she’ll
ride with you so you add all that up
it’s nine hundred and fifty thousand
dollars and that’s how a bright orange
Aventador has a budget of nine hundred
and fifty thousand dollars if you are a
high drive traffic
NBA player so tongue-in-cheek that maybe
you can look up the articles and see
that there are a lot of you know wealthy
people from the music industry in sports
that seem to love these Lamborghinis
Lamborghini and Ferrari seems to be a
little bit of a different clientele
there are some overlap between it but
the Raging Bull the Challenger the style
the dramatic impact there is a whole
section of life in in athlete super
professional athletes music and high-end
fashion people that venture to
Lamborghini side whereas the ferrari
side is a little bit more legacy ferrari
is the ultra gucci of cars if you want
to look at it but I think Lamborghini
has got a lot of space to go so when I
look back at this I see a wonderful
story of entrepreneurship and things
that we can learn together his natural
gift we all have a natural gift know
what your natural gift is mechanically
inclined and he put that to good use he
was also resourceful
he used repurpose war vehicles to build
tractors that were needed for the market
so he adapted and used what he had he
had inspiration he wanted to serve a
market it was the rebuilding of Italy
after World War two and there’s also
driven by a rival and I have a question
mark there because we don’t know
story was he completely driven into
vehicles by Enzo Ferrari or did he just
love cars and had owned several of them
and said I could do it better regardless
of how he got into it we’re glad that he
did because he built one of the most
magnificent marques ever to grace a
roadway and lastly blind spot was he
dealing with the curse of expansion or
did he just get tired
whatever it was he decided to sell and
then it led to just a complete you know
miss handling and misappropriation of
this grand grand vehicle brand so that
is the case study on Lamborghini which I
believe is a wonderful tale of an
entrepreneur twenty years of wandering
and then a great Renaissance about
somebody Volkswagen Group and Audi that
knew exactly what they had and it is
obvious in the numbers that they knew
what they needed to do to take it to the
next level now there’s one more thing
coming up its that apparently there’s
gonna be a biography in film starring
Alec Baldwin and Antonio Banderas
they’re gonna be Lamborghini and Enzo
Ferrari and so you’ve got this weird
white guy who’s gonna play the great
Enzo Ferrari in Alec Baldwin I don’t
know how that’s gonna work out but they
say this thing is actually gonna be
funded by a blockchain platform player
so who knows if this is going to come
together but supposedly there is a movie
coming out about this rivalry and the
start of of Lamborghini that’s going to
really be the biopic of Lamborghini so
who knows I hope they don’t foul it up
and make some really just turd of a
movie that just fouls up the story for
everybody else anyway that’s a case
study this week remember we’re on a
mission going to a million subscribers
and when we get there there will be the
first value Taemin entrepreneur
conference featuring Patrick Beth David
yours truly the biz doc and other people
that will be bringing you insight
information education to make you better
your company better and the people
around you that you’re involved with
better still until next time I’m Thomas
with the biz doc hoping I left you better than I found you
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