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11 Ways to Be More Memorable

I want you to think about a person you
met in the last month that was so
that you remember until today can you
think about that person I’ll give you a
second think about that one person they
remember till today you met them for the
very first time you got it here’s a
question what makes that person so
memorable for them for you to remember
till today
what made it memorable see in no matter
what you do as an entrepreneur as a
business person meet a lot of different
people a lot of different people and you
want the person the customer the person
investor the person you’re trying to
recruit as an executive whoever it is
you want them to remember you and the
more they can remember you they store
you here okay a story here so there’s
two different ways to be memorable one
of the ones is that people are naturally
memorable they have certain gifts that
makes them naturally memorable the other
one is people who learn how to become
memorable today I’m going to tell you 11
different things that you do to become
memorable in other people’s lives okay
so with that being said let’s start off
over here number one your unique stop
everybody has a unique style let me give
you an idea by unique style type var1 we
tell Joe Jordan Joe Jordan is a
well-known insurance guy in the industry
stores at MetLife very well-known if you
look at Joe Jordan’s put picture let’s
put his picture up he always walks
around with this bowtie and he’s always
got this black and white shoes it
doesn’t matter where you see this guy
you’re going to recognize that he’s got
this beer that’s part of his memo that
sparked of him being memorable right
another part of your unique style could
be a certain people certain people have
certain tattoos that makes it member it
could be ink it could be your style of
how you wear your clothes it could be
your your height it could be your body
your muscles it could be your eyes it
could be your voice it could be you know
there’s got to be something unique about
you that when people see you your style
that’s you that makes you memorable by
the way everybody watching this you have
something everybody watching it’s not a
lot of people oh well you know what I’m
not tall so I can be memorable believe
me a lot of people remember Sylvester
still a lot of people were Tom Cruise
and a lot of people remove these guys
VanDam they’re all five six five seven
they’re not six eight or anything like
that you got to play – what makes you
number two I put here hahaha because
it’s humor
people remember funny people if you ask
so many girls if I ask a hundred girls
and I asked him hey why’d you marry your
husband and it will typically tell you
half of them may say I just love a sense
of humor me made me laugh he made me
laugh he made me laugh he made me laugh
humor works not just with girls not just
with guys humor works with human beings
period if you can have humor if you can
do it in a way where people catch it
they see they feel good they laugh they
walk away they remember you and they say
the side of conversation goes and they
walk away there was another person like
I was pretty funny I like did you hear
what he said about that one story that
was hilarious they remember you your
memorable efficient when they leave you
number three follow-up let me get what I
mean by followed to be memorable you
meet somebody for the first time like I
met a guy for the first time and he
wanted to do very good in real estate he
started in real estate and he hung on
will do very good in real estate I’m
gonna do this in real estate and I’m
working on my family and I’m doing this
and I’m okay no cloud I left yet started
a part time he was still a bartender at
this restaurant he had just passed this
real estate license that week I win I
bought a book how to master the art of
selling next time I came I said I he
told me last time you in real estate
sadistic guy who saw 365 homes in your
readers book you’ll help you I’m on sale
every single time I go there I don’t pay
for my drinks anymore
I don’t pay for food he pays for my
stuff why because it’s follow-up your
memorable he’s going to remember this
guy I told him one time about a certain
thing I was doing in real estate he came
back and brought me value
he’s memorable memorable so then he’s
going to give me there’s a relationship
there where I’m gonna help him he’s
going to help me out next I contact it’s
a simple thing but people like eye
contact they remember eye contact
because it shows you’re not afraid to
look in somebody else’s eyes next
questions I you know a lot of times
you’ll be in a conversation and we were
having a conversation like a debate
going on and doing this debate there was
eight of us we’re all CEOs everybody is
doing 10 15 million plus for you a
couple of guys we’re in the half a
billion range and they were doing pretty
good for themselves and we’re talking
we’re going back and forth in and I kept
that was getting to a certain answer and
one of the guys says I’ve never met
anybody that asked questions you need
questions like the way you ask questions
I said was just I’m trying to get to the
bottom line faster you’re asking
questions that requires nine questions
I’m already on number seven because I
already got the first six sometimes
unique questions you ask that person
walks joints as well how did he think
about asking that question for me I
never thought about that I like that guy
I like how he thinks who is that guy can
you tell me about that guy you’re
next point of view think about TV
personalities think about Berkeley
everybody on the media right now
stalking Berkeley because the comment he
made about LeBron it doesn’t matter
whether LeBron likes it or not it
doesn’t matter if you agree with it or
not it’s a different point of view
that’s all it is it’s a different point
of view and that’s memorable now there’s
good memorable there’s bad Neville this
is a neutral or some like it some don’t
like it anybody that works on Fox CNN
MSNBC politics they’re journalists they
have to get their point of view that’s
different than everybody else if your
point of view is vanilla then there’s a
problem like the other day I was getting
to a debate with somebody about Mexico
should we put a wall up should we not
put a wall up and I said you should
crazy idea the guy said what I said how
about we do the following this solves
90% of problems we still have sometimes
those solve 90% I says what is it I said
why don’t we ask Mexico to be the 51st
state of America borders are gone this
is what do you mean I said we don’t need
borders if Mexico is the 51st state of
America then the President of Mexico
becomes a governor we allowed Mexico to
have similar a guidelines that we have
with Texas and the state of is in the
u.s. so they Texas can always if they
wanted to you know technical they can be
the own country how about Mexico gets
the same right so now we create jobs in
Mexico we’re creating jobs in America
business owners in America would have no
punk reading jobs in Mexico it doesn’t
matter the original board is no one’s
jumping a wall or doing anything like
Mexico is not part of America now Mexico
may support the America to clear the
borders around it others but other
people from other states or countries
and the fat want to come into Mexico and
somebody could say you can also be the
fifty-second State of America now
someone have you guys watched mine
watches and say that is the dumbest idea
I’ve ever heard but I guarantee 80% you
guys are thinking
that’s a different point of view it’s a
different way of looking at it
it’s point of view have different point
of views next pay attention to details I
think a lot of times people don’t pay
attention to details it’s just oh you’re
we gone they did something no one’s
paying attention pay attention people
leave so many signs when you talk to
them there are so many different signs
when you talk to them when they answer a
phone what name is that it’s a sister to
girlfriend it’s a husband it’s a wife
it’s a kid it’s someone’s birthday just
pay attention to details there’s so many
different signs when you’re talking to
somebody and one person who’s very good
at paying attention to details they’re
very memorable next your story is your
signature to the world period your story
how you are your personality is a
signature to the world how you are if
you have charismatic or charm or certain
style or your pets your signature to the
world only one person has this and it’s
you that’s your signature your own story
how you grew up where you came from
what happened to you who were you in
high school what struggles that you go
through what victories what things
interest you are you interested in to
philosophy sports baseball basketball
arts work baseball cards you know
flowers wine you know you may like
certain type of whiskey what is it
that’s interesting people want to know
it makes it memorable if you can figure
out your signature and you tell that in
snippet you ever talk to somebody
sometimes I got some people that I
mentor and I say I said you know you do
so well in the first three minutes the
moment you go up there first of 30
minutes you’re trying to brag so much
it’s too much spring your back when you
go 35 minutes they’re on overload
they’re not impressed anymore you seem
desperate just a little bit one line two
lines three lines come back say with
girls on dates don’t go way way too long
impressing some adios they’re seeing a
lack of insecurity you’re trying to make
up for some area you’re insecure in it
your signature is plenty enough find a
couple of different interesting things
about yourself and say that people
remember that note back in the days it
was index cards today you can literally
take your phone out okay you can
literally take your phone out and go to
the note section of your phone if you
take your phone out and you go to the
notes section of your phone guess what
you can put notes of anybody you just
anybody who just mint can put here okay
so the notes will be people I met then
you put John Doe details dot dot dot dot
pop up up up great and then what happens
eventually is okay I met this person in
Chicago I met this person in Nashville I
met this person over here eventually
hopefully your brain your memory gets
better and you automatically are better
at remembering names or remembering
information remembering data but let’s
you say that still doesn’t happen she
doesn’t matter you’ll all do that over
here make sense so note take notes a lot
of people who ran for president they ran
for office they ran for Senate governor
one of the strengths all these guys had
is they had great memories of people
that they shook hands with notes next
compliment I’m here to tell you today if
I’m a betting man I’m here to tell you
you have probably not gotten a
compliment today I’m telling you right
now if I’m a betting man I’m betting 70%
of you that are watching this no one has
complimented you here today now you may
say well there’s really nothing to
compliment me about that’s not the real
reason people just don’t compliment
enough okay and those who are memorable
are some of the best and making other
people feel good about themselves that
makes them memorable so other people
want to be around them compliment more
next how can I help
simple as that how can I help when I was
a brand-new entrepreneur and I was
coming up the way I build relationships
that was 21 years old 20 years old 23
years old I don’t know anybody I don’t
come from a family of a person that ran
a restaurant or a business or liquor
store or a you know dealership nothing
my family doesn’t own a business so no
one in my lineage is a business that I
can learn any of that stuff so I said
most important thing to me is
relationships so I said okay we’re the
most influential people I know how can I
help this person every time I met
somebody I had one outcome how can I
serve you how can I help you it doesn’t
matter how hey my sons in prison do you
mind going visiting and I haven’t seen
it for longest time and it’s hearts
broken he feels alone he needs to talk
to somebody no problem go get a security
clearance oh I’m going to this prison
how can I help you
this person over here they need a pen
pal do you mind writing letters
I’m all you need to do is once recorded
no problem how can I help you this
person over here their car is over here
do you mind if you go out there no time
I know somebody let me connect them how
can i everything became out how can I
help you then all of some what happened
is there was so much help going out that
next thing you know thousands thousands
were coming my way because the focus was
how can i connect you how can I help you
who can I introduce you to how can I
help so much help goes out everyone
remembers initially before we started
recording I asked Paul on a schedule and
I see I said hey who is the most
memorable person you met in the last 30
days Edgar said Magic Johnson Eddie was
taking the pictures and I said why my
support why Magic Johnson he said his
story I said okay his personality
that’s magic signature I said Edgar how
about you and Eddie said his own reach
and I said what if he was a master ball
player I don’t really know if I would
remember him I said yes she would why
because he’s six nine it’s his unique
style he’s six nine he thought you can
remember God at six eight six nine
I said Z who do you remembers he said
Dennis das and I said why Dennis he said
because Dennis was helping me out with
the camera I don’t know what I was doing
then it’s helped me out too with the
he feels indebted to Dennis because then
it’s helped them that’s memorable these
are how simple this is this is not a
complicated type of stuff to do to be
memorable that you need to go out there
and do it’s very simple anybody watching
this you can simply take all this stuff
type it in an index card put it in your
phone put it on the shower wall when you
shave in the morning the mirror put it
all over the place and you just keep
telling yourself every day eventually
you’ll notice yourself doing it
naturally and then people going to say
now remember you now remember you oh my
gosh we made your soulmate it – how’s
everything your bong bong bong then this
becomes easy in business follows through
the pillow here okay my man you look oh
you almost spilled protein no protein
shakes around you which is good news hi
that’s good we’re safe this time okay
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you’re memorable thanks for watching
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