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Talking Culture: Why Brits Don’t Tip Well!

tipping in general for British people

feels all crooks we just don’t know when

we don’t know how much is an appropriate

amount well let’s fix that let’s just

say I have a couple tips oh look at that

yeah I do comedy when you’re in England

you just generally don’t tip that much


obviously this is the weird thing we do

tip but only when the restaurant is

fancy and in those places the waiters

are probably making a pretty decent wage

if it’s just a normal diner

we won’t tip which is weird yeah that

makes less sense that feels more classes


it just feels awkward you work in a

diner yes it’s a deli though you work in

a deli sure do Ally so therefore you

work for tips I work for tips I’ve been

working for tips for like 6 years now

what was the minimum wage so federally

for tipped employees it’s two dollars 13

or 15 cents right so when you say I’m

working for my tips you’re really that’s

where your main money’s coming from

that’s for real yeah who do we tip and

how much what’s a standard tip for a

waiter waitress standard tip is probably

anywhere from 15 to 20 percent if you

still want a tip and have the way to be

like okay I base still tip fine 15

percent is like okay taxi drivers 10

percent what if the fare is like four

five dollars a dollar would you so

minimum one dollar yeah you see this is

what British people get awkward because

we we might think oh if I give one

dollar that’s really stingy and if you

think about it if it’s a five dollar

taxi ride $1 twenty percent it’s true

so can’t argue with those are those are

numbers baby in a hotel housekeeping

people who clean your room leave leave

like a few dollars on the

desk before you leave you can write a

little note for housekeeping thank you

love your name you not say love but say

love spread the love see this is

something we British people we don’t

really know what do ya bellhops people

who carry a luggage a dollar or two per

bag if if you have a lot of luggage and

it’s really heavy and big like five to

ten dollars and if you’re staying at a

really fancy place they expect more

money but give what you can

don’t break the bank if you’re if you’re

rich though tip a nice tip a nice

something I’ll never need hair stylists

hairdressers won’t need it

I’d twenty percent twenty percent also

for tattoos twenty percent uh oh I

hadn’t even thought about that here seen

England we would never tip a tattoo

artist maybe we do I don’t have any

tattoos well except for that tramp stamp

you still don’t know about it I can’t

see it it’s in my blind spot when you’re

at the casino depend on how lucky again

throw the dealer a chip throw the

cocktail waitress at a chip a dollar

they come in with free drinks yeah and a

dollar it’s enough $1 fine

they appreciate a dollar chip okay if

you’re really banking some money throw

them two five ten if you like just won a

million dollars and you’ll barista with

drinks my general rule is if the drink

is under $10 whether it’s a at a bar

that serves alcoholic beverages or at a

cafe which serves cafe beverages I tip

adalat per drink so ball send is a

dollar drink yeah unless if you’re

buying like $14 cocktail that takes time

and effort and and it’s really good as

well I’ll tip two dollars here’s the

thing you tip these people a little more

money they’re gonna pay more attention

to you your tip

is a message it’s saying I see you and I

appreciate your services and there’s an

unspoken agreement that if I tip you a

lot you’re gonna like me more and you’re

probably gonna want to treat me better

because you know I’m gonna tip you well

but also it’s not just like you’re

buying this person off it’s showing some

empathy and they could give you more

drinks they could that they make it

strong I will guarantee they’ll they’ll

make stronger drinks and give you free

drinks if that is an incentive to tip

well yeah what is so thank you Dan for

educating me thank you I’m gonna take

you to think of that one it is the

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