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Special Announcement! – PAPA NEWS!

people of the internet have a lot of fun

on this channel I talk about Donuts I

make fun of Ben Affleck but now it’s

time to bring the fun into the real

world that’s why I’m super excited to

announce today on this channel right now

that on May the 19th in London I can

meet all of you you need to come to

London on May the 19th I’ll be teaming

up with Speak Up London and the

world-famous Comedy Store to bring you

an English masterclass in my videos

you’ve learnt British pronunciation

English expressions all the crazy things

that we British people say because we’re


well in this English masterclass we’ll

be learning all of that and more in

person I’m going to teach you personally

so come to London May the 19th this is a

one-day only event and you can get your

tickets here remember to invite your

English student friends friends who

study together stay together

so remember London May the 19th at the

world-famous Comedy Store in the heart

of Leicester Square no less I can’t wait

to meet you all this is going to be so

fun get your tickets now guys see you there

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