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Is British Food Bad? – How to Talk about Food in English!

which green makes your pee smell it’s a
spat asparagus asparagus makes you smell
funny well yes it actually has a very
specific chemical compound called aspera
gusik acid and it’s sort of a sulphur
compound so like sulfur stinks right it
smells like rotten eggs and that’s
what’s in asparagus now the crazy thing
is is that there’s a few variations of
some people will eat asparagus and they
will not have asparagus pee
some people will eat asparagus and have
asparagus pee some people will have it
and not be able to smell it
genetically incapable of smelling it so
there’s myriad variations of how you
process that asparagus ik acid ice my
pee stinks up front I’m honest with you
how about yours Allie my pee smells like
birthday cake
this is dissolving much earlier than I
thought it would be a puppeteer
hey guys I’m Aly today I’m joined by the
amazing Nicole jolly from True Food she
is a human Google about food how it
grows where it comes from and everything
about food I’m putting that on my
business card but you’re not used to
English food not so much no right so
today we’re going to show you a bunch of
really cool English foods some I grew up
with and the cult is gonna drop some
knowledge on me from different foods how
it grows try try to make your mind
explode well of course we’re gonna start
with the classic cup of tea now this tea
is without any milk yes typically I
would have it with milk I agree which
brings us to our first descriptive word
for food bitter this is gonna be way
better you ready so that’s interesting
we pronounce that word differently oh I
say bitter and I say the our that exists
in the word bitter you pronounce the T
as well then yes
most Americans would say probably bitter
bitter it would change the that soft tea
– yes lightly D but I have good diction
Ali I am so excited for this video I’ve
wanted to do this for so long and now
we’re finally here Cheers
the most horrid cup of tea ever
enjoyable okay do you feel that at the
back of the throat though do you feel
that bitter often makes your kind of
your face scrunch not pucker that might
be sour can you demonstrate a pucker
okay oh yeah yeah there’s like right and
then there’s like the bitter to me so it
makes you know that face yeah like it’s
the back of the throat yeah yeah okay so
there’s this kind of bitter in tea then
there’s the bitter that also comes from
coffee right we have a coffee all right
let’s try coffee alright so I am more of
a coffee drinker are you more of a tea
drinker quintessentially British in that
way I should be but no
I might morning routine always involves
a coffee likewise afternoon and evening
routine awesome
oh no does the caffeine keep you up no
no I’ll have an espresso at 11:00 and
just right to sleep I’m fine
bionic man right here or I’m just very
you don’t sleep but this is black coffee
this is no milk so then it classifies as
better yeah I’m getting it at the back
of the throat again so location-wise
bitter the back of the throat now I
notice in my tongue actually goes up to
the top of my the roof of my mouth
angles like that yeah
humans we have evolved to not really
like bitter things but a long time ago
we ate a lot more bitter things that we
were probably healthier for it
interesting yeah so what is the
difference between bitter and sour
completely different there are the
phases that you make which I
demonstrated earlier but technically
speaking so sour is what causes sourness
is usually the presence of acid so
acidic foods like lemons like limes they
are the ones that are sour but if you
think about sort of coffee and well
coffee actually is acidic a little bit
but like take the greens for example
there’s no acid in there those are just
bitter compounds so things that have
acid generally is a good rule of thumb
right first hour the seeds if you plant
this lemon seed it might not grow a
lemon could grow an orange it could grow
a lime a very incestuous family citrus
that game of thrones of fruit exactly
okay so if I plug this I mean oh it’s
necessarily gonna get a lemon no so how
you ensure that you’re gonna get a lemon
yeah is you don’t plant the seed you
basically clone the tree which sounds
scary but it’s like ancient practice
which is you take a bit of one tree and
you graft it on to the root stock of
another tree yeah and then it
that exact lemon for you so everything’s
just basically cloned these days
okay Sawa confirmed
sour now do you know the difference
between sour and tart no I don’t think
there is a difference I think I’ve only
ever heard of cherry referred to as talk
yes that’s yeah
and I don’t know why because it is
essentially a sour cherry sour and tart
are basically synonyms yeah I think it’s
just you know sort of how you want to
play with the language can you briefly
explain tangy when I think of something
tangy it’s not as intense as a sour
lemon it definitely has a sour kick but
maybe tempered by a sweetness like a leg
of green apple yeah for me a tiny thing
is like has that kick it’s like a short
sharp hit of sour kind of yeah not as
intense right no no it’s acidic totally
I think it’s tempered with some
sweetness I would I would use tangy if
it wasn’t as intensely sour it’s just
yeah tempered with some sweetness right
a bit more complex maybe the next word
I’m very excited about sweet this
typically involves a food with a lot of
sugar in it and I’m very excited about
this one because if you come to England
promise me that you’ll get a sticky
toffee pudding it’s the most delicious
thing you’ll ever try in your life truth
truth I love it when it’s like super
you know sometimes sometimes it can be
like yeah bit on the dry side and they
kind of phone in the caramel yes but
when it’s like just oozing with
stickiness now when it comes to desserts
and cake type desserts are you a cream
or a custard type person custard I’m
gonna just choose that right I totally
agree I love custard for as healthy as I
love to eat I love sweets yeah I will
Rinka custards so what makes up a sticky
toffee pudding well you’ve got cake
you’ve got caramel you’ve got delicious
toffee flavor
it’s like 90% sugar definitely which
gives it that delicious sweet sweet
cheers Cheers the sign for a sweet there
is a party in my mouth right now
I’m very happy mmm we’re having sticky
toffee pudding for lunch today this is
so good this is like my favorite video
I’ve ever made savory savory just means
a food that’s not sweet basically right
yeah yes but Latin languages
particularly will make the mistake of
saying it’s not sweet it’s salty
that’s a mistake salty means it tastes
of salt but savory just means it’s not
sweet yeah it’s sort of like a category
of savory right salty can be savory is
generally the anti sweet and then a lot
of savory foods can be salty exactly
yeah so a first English food which we
would describe as savory is the classic
the humble Cornish pasty if you come to
England and you don’t have a Cornish
pasty you haven’t visited England have
you ever tried the Cornish pasty I have
and I actually because I am a food geek
went on a pilgrimage to find the best
Cornish pasty in Cornwall whoa and like
I can already tell this this came from
the store guys right so yeah this is
just like your bog-standard
Cornish pasty which is what most people
will enjoy and it’s a disservice because
a great Cornish pasty is a beautiful
thing a meal and a pocket of like flaky
buttery pastry like what’s not to love
right sure it’s true so yeah if you’re
in a rush it’s got some good solid and
you have to move to catch a train you
only have a short lunch break you grab a
Cornish pasty true and now what goes
inside the Cornish pasty we’ve got steak
we’ve got onions we’ve got some
vegetables yeah potato insane right
there’s some potato in there too yet
sometimes you can have other options
like cheese and onion that’s an option
bit gross not my favorite
definitely savory it’s not my favorite
so do you have anything similar to the
Cornish pasty in the u.s. we have the
influence of the Mexican empanadas those
are delicious there is some kind of
I recall between the Cornish pasty and
the Mexican empanadas I know that
Cornish miners went over to Mexico and I
don’t know if it’s like there’s a region
of Mexico that has Cornish Pasties or
the Cornish pasty influenced the
empanada there’s a connection there
we’re gonna get a lot of hate from South
American sorry’s
we love the empanada it is way better
than this Cornish pasty right even if
the pasty did influence the empanada you
guys improved it yeah way better yeah
also which is very very savory what is
this this is called a scotch egg oh my
god Waze it’s like it’s got quite a heft
my waiters oh so yeah it’s like a little
surprise inside
it’s rattling around in there what do we
have we have a hard-boiled egg on the
inside around the side of that is pork
meat sausage meat covered in breadcrumbs
so why thought of this like what what
what was going on in their minds so when
they say Scotch is Scottish okay so it’s
a Scottish egg okay but you crazy Scots
we’re English and we like to steal
everything so yeah all right here we go
good thing is you can have it yet ticket
is however you want okay not terrible
and definitely savory there is no sweet
nut so the great thing is about this you
can have it hot you can have it cold
usually when I get this this is because
I’m in a hurry
yeah this is not because I want to have
a scotch egg today no this is you don’t
get cravings for these no this is a fuel
for me this is not an enjoyable food I
can see this being way tastier at sea
was like a package from the store so if
it’s soggy like fresh out of the fryer
Christians right like where the coating
is crispy I could see that being like in
a pub maybe
oh yes ko Chang in a pub is a whole
experience yeah so yeah or if you go to
Borough Market in South London that is
also a great place to get a great school
is this something that you’d buy no okay
but the Scotch egg and the Cornish pasty
you can’t taste the salt in it so it’s
not salty it’s savory salty foods you
can actually taste the salt in it right
yes for example so when we’re kids or
even now sometimes if I want something
salty I will get a bag of crisps no you
guys don’t call them crisp
yeah no very confusing these are chips
for us right aw chips are your french
fries right and crisps are our chips wow
we really are two countries separated by
the same language unnecessarily
like I said salty you can taste the salt
yeah so crisps are really just a vehicle
for salt it’s like a delivery system for
salt right yeah uh how many calories do
you think we’ve had already but I don’t
want to know I really don’t want to know
these words describe foods with tons of
flavor and tons of character to them but
this next word land land
there’s no flavors no characters nothing
sexy about this food whatsoever so okay
for this next food I feel like we need
to bring the tea bag yes yes you can’t
have crumpets without tea these are
crumpets you must always say tea and
crumpets right it can’t be I’m having
crumpets and tea um yeah no just doesn’t
flow does it no you’d probably be
arrested it yeah typically you would
have something on it like butter jam
oh but I want to show you what bland is
so bland would be this without anything
on it it tastes of nothing there’s no
there’s nothing sexy about this are we
done with the crumpets it’s like eating
cotton what’s your favorite topping on a
crumpet or any toasted bread toast with
butter ideally with butter yeah yeah if
it’s a really good butter and a salt
yes I feel like every country has their
national food that they sit with their
family or their close friends and chat
oz is the tea and the crumpets just
don’t even bland yeah now we’re gonna
move back into the sweet territory with
a very traditional English sweet you say
candy right say candy yeah yeah these
ones these are called Crunchie bars
we’re not sponsored by them what is that
that is honeycomb yeah love honeycomb
it’s amazing right how come I’ve never
known about this how long have you lived
in England oh my god you don’t have
anything now I don’t I don’t but my
British husband you’ve been holding out
on me that is the sound of a crunch to
describe a food that makes that sound
it’s crunchy it’s the loudest descriptor
out there so the crunchy Bob one of my
favorite sweets ever also I brought
along digestive biscuits again if you’re
in England and you want something sweet
something crunchy Hobnobs and digestives
are a staple snack have you ever tried
to hobnob I’ve never had a hub now
you’re in for a treat because they’re
pretty good and like I said if you come
to England and you want a biscuit
something sweet something crunchy
something chocolaty the digestive or the
hobnob you will not be disappointed
traditionally we would put them in tea
you dip we dip oh we dunk dunk dunk them
in tea coffee whatever you like so
they’re a bit
soggy yeah and then hmm okay I’ve had a
digestive and I’d quite like the
digestive it it’s unlike any other
cookie I’ve ever had
what’s your opinion but sometime here’s
hominem okay it’s more ot right you
prefer the dough
yeah this is I like goo good Oh cookie
but it doesn’t you know no doing it for
you not doing it for me three is that
your favorite yeah this is the thing I
could eat a whole pack of digestives and
feel great about it
yeah but if I had a couple of hop knobs
I’m like damn good that’s enough for me
so what’s the difference between crunchy
and crispy so a crunch gives you that
feeling constantly but crispy it has the
same kind of sound but it’s more
delicate yes so we have to bring this
back to our crisps again you’re American
so you don’t have this flavor prawn
cocktail what yeah this is a very very
British flavor wrong cocktail is this
your favorite flavor it’s pretty good
yeah I don’t trust that I need this
whole thing does smell like no it’s just
smells a bit sweet actually
but texture-wise crispy it’s a delicate
crunch it’s so small hmm yeah like
crunchy fills up your head right it just
like it you hear it in your ears crispy
is playful you can keep your prawn
cocktail do you know what right stop
moving on to our next descriptor our
next item of English food that I grew up
with is the Mars bar this we would
describe as chewy now don’t they fry
these things up in Scotland they do it’s
very famous if you go to Scotland you
can order a fried Mars bar the verb to
chew is to do this if a food makes you
chew a lot it is chewy
for example the Mars bar
Cheers I’m in mess they used to have
it’s part of their advertising a Mars a
day what no can you imagine can you
imagine having one of those a day Oh God
but it was men like for athletes because
it’s so full of calories it’s wow right
it will keep you going it will give you
that energy but if anyone has a Mars a
message kids okay final two and please
don’t let it be sugar please don’t let
nothing’s back we’re bringing back the
Scotch egg for spicy in England we
usually have mustard for our food it’s a
nice little condiment some people love
it some people hate it but yeah spicy
how would we describe spicy Wow spicy
fills your mouth with fire so which
other foods would be considered spicy
spice comes in different form right so
with mustard it comes from the mustard
seed but often the source of spice and
spicy foods is Chili Peppers right and
there is actually a substance in the
pith most people think it’s the seeds in
a chili pepper but it’s not it’s the
inner kind of white ribs of a chili
pepper that has intense spice so it’s
not the seeds it’s not the seeds if you
just eat the sweets nope I know I know
wrong there you go you’re welcome this
is why I watch your videos but this is
this is from the mustard seed and but
actually mustard seeds come from these
gorgeous yellow flowers as yellow more
yellow than the mustard itself and
they’re grown all over I mean this is
like it’s such an such an English
tradition let’s try it
some people might put mustard on this
Scotch egg okay
now the way you eat a scotch egg it’s
subjective some people like it hot some
people cold some with mayonnaise ketchup
mustard it’s all up to you okay but
we’re gonna try it with mustard cuz I’ve
never tried it I haven’t
we’re gonna see so we’ve cut the scotch
egg in half we’re just gonna put a
slight bit of mustard on it that’s like
a lot of mustard is that a lot again
I’ve never actually tried mustard how
are you the spicy food I really like
spicy food but people’s tolerance for
spice is dependent on the source like
some cultures are really good with like
a chili pepper type spice and other
cultures are really good with a mustard
type spice it really depends on their
cuisine so all my Korean students
they’ll tell me like they’ll have spicy
food for breakfast yeah you can really
crave it if you can tolerate it
so that endorphin yes exactly exactly it
has that same sort of hormone okay yeah
yeah all right is this gonna blow my
mouth like I don’t think mustard really
ranks that highly on the spicy scale
that’s exactly like wasabi I told you
this I that’s wasabi you’re British you
should know this you should know what
Colman’s mustard does to you I’ve never
had mustard before every oh it’s
hardcore guy when I what that’s good
though see I I could get behind this oh
I love it is it is it growing on you see
as bad as that was I kind of want
another body I love it though right
that’s oddly yes I actually like with
mustard this Scotch egg is not that bad
it’s really good
oh my god there’s a kick to the face
through the nose right comes right up
the nose if you come to England and you
like wasabi you will definitely like
mustard whoo and I recommend try it on a
scotch egg so one word I find very
difficult to describe is umami okay so
not to confuse you but it essentially
means a savoriness
so you’re generally only going to have
that umami sensation with savory foods
it has to do with glutamate the presence
of glutamate and certain foods are
really high in glutamate which includes
mushrooms ripe tomatoes have it it’s
sort of like that’s something something
that makes a savory dish really tasty
fish sauce you would add fish sauce to a
dish to give it that just that’s
something something that makes it so
good that’s the president super mommy
and it’s so enigmatic enjoyable but
savory yes it’s often condiments that
get put on food to just get you know put
it over the edge so msg right that goes
into a lot of Asian cooking Chinese
cooking that has umami flavor ketchup
ketchup would do it mustard I would say
that it could fall into the umami camp I
would I don’t know for sure though but
certainly ketchup
we have ketchup and like I said
Scotch egg you can choose how you want
eat it hot cold with mustard mayonnaise
ketchup whatever you want even a mix of
mustard and ketchup which is what I’m
gonna try even a try yeah that’s a good
so I’m gonna test this umami thing out
sweet spicy and umami god this this kind
of looks like a bad infection thank you
I’m so sorry that was my first time
trying a scotch egg with mustard now
this is also another first for me with
mustard and ketchup me too not terrible
so which bit this is a mummy okay so
certainly the tomatoes in the ketchup
ripe tomatoes are loaded with glutamate
which is the source of that umami flavor
I don’t know about you but I don’t think
of this as like a quintessentially
British food like it’s not even British
it actually comes from the fish sauce of
Southeast Asia so like what yeah so
British merchants when over I’m talking
like 1700s went over really enjoyed the
fish sauce that they were making in Asia
came back tried to replicate it very
yeah so it sort of morphed into this
sort of like condiment sauce that the
British kind of tried to make to mimic
the fish sauce of Asia and then the
Americans got ahold of it and Heinz
added tomatoes to the British recipe and
opted the Amami flavor and made it
actually more shelf stable so after all
those flavors all those descriptors and
all of those calories I want to thank
you Nicole for joining me for this
lesson this has been fun but so fun I
think I’m gonna have to be in the gym
for the next three days just to burn off
like three Hobnobs if you haven’t done
so already make sure you check out true
food TV it’s an amazing Channel and it
has such educational content I’ve wanted
to do this video for so
thank you so much Ali I have loved this
this has been so much fun
my personal recommendation is going
which they episode about peaches’ it’s
really insanely interesting like some of
them have hair and some of them don’t
yes some reason nectarines peaches same
thing different you’ll find out also let
me know in the comments what’s your
favorite food how does it taste
and how would you describe it using
those words you’ve just learned Nicole
thanks for joining me anytime
see ya I’ve gone into a shop bought a
birthday cake I just pretended it to
someone else
like I’m gonna eat this by myself
tonight of course your pee smells like
birthday cake
[Music] you
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