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“And all through the mouse” – A Papa Teach Me Christmas Story!

and finished last Christmas present
wrapped and ready for Christmas Day are
you ready for Christmas Day let’s get
ready together by reading my favorite
Christmas story on a snowy Christmas
evening Paul was hanging his Christmas
stocking when he and came home his arms
full of Christmas shopping
Ian that’s far too much food we don’t
need anymore
why don’t we invite the little mouse
from next door have you lost your mind
can’t you see that they’re mice but
they’re poor they have no money and also
they’re nice
just then mrs. Mouse bust in from the
snow she cried Oh mr. bells where on
earth did he go he went out for
breakfast and didn’t come home the tea
please find my lovely mouse I don’t know
where he could be I’ve looked everywhere
from here to New Delhi he’s greedy and
literally followed his belly we have no
money I can’t offer any pay his pie is
all I have please sir help him find his
way and so twas the night before
Christmas and all through the house Paul
was looking for a little lost mouse he
looked behind the sofa he looked under
chairs he checked in the attic he looked
under the stairs
the clues led him to a place called the
cheese house in there he spotted a tail
which belonged to a mouse he saw the
mouse looking fat on the floor his tummy
was hurting and he was stuck in the door
so could you help me please said the
mouse with a sniff I was getting some
cheese for my wife as a gift
I saw the cheese and the bread and just
aids away please get me free I’ve been
stuck here all day he pushed and pushed
with all of his might I just can’t do it
mr. Mouse he’s stuck in too tight
Paul frowned and then had an idea I’ll
get help mr. Mouse have no fear
Paul asked everyone and in the end asked
Ian can’t you think of a plan that
doesn’t have me in Paul paused and said
Highness is the strongest power in life
we must help mr. Mouse get back to his
wife with butter and oil and broke
around his feet if only I hadn’t had so
much to eat
Ian pulled from below and Paul pushed
from the top mr. Mouse flew out the door
with a pop they all ran home faster than
ever mr. Mouse come in from that cold
snowy weather well thank you thank you
you returned my dear Mouse now it’ll be
a very Merry Christmas in this house
stay for dinner let’s talk and get
chummy then mr. Mouse said but the
food’s all gone it’s in my tummy I’ve
eaten all the food we don’t have anymore
and the shops are all closed it’s too
late and also we’re poor food why my new
friends we have plenty to give sharing
and giving is what it means to live
friends and family together on Christmas
Day can laugh and share and sing and
play where did all the Christmas pudding
go now no said Mr mouse I’ve eaten it
all just like a cow her face turning red
mrs. mouse screamed mr. Mouse you’re the
worst her ears even steamed round and
round the house they did run never
before had Christmas been so much fun
Merry Christmas everyone
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