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Perfect Steak and Chips | Jamie at Home

okay I’m gonna do this incredible steak
and chips right first of all when it
comes to steaks my personal opinion is
the best steak for the job isn’t a
filler it’s not a sirloin it’s not a
it’s the ribeye right inch thick it’s
got the best flavor it’s still very
tender you have got that fat in the
middle and I was mucking about the other
day and there’s an old technique for
sort of making dry meat tender and
that’s by getting fat by literally
pulling out the fat if you just pinch it
in your hands what you can do is
actually push it into the steak like
that so really what you’re doing is
increasing the marbling and the flavor
and then you get some nice bits of
rosemary and just sort of break it up
with your fingers put it over the steak
and again push it in to where you’ve
pushed that lovely fat so when the fat
is melting its melting with Uncle ROS me
around him and having a bit of a boogie
woogie so in there like that and then
pepper pepper and steak classic in there
like that and salt as well so the ribeye
is good and then I’m going to put that
to the side and then here my grilled
chips now what I’ve done is I’ve got a
nice sort of slightly waxy potato I’ve
left the skin on of powerboard it sort
of in centimeter slices for about five
six minutes just to sort of take the
sort of rawness another potato so
essentially they’re 3/4 cooked but
they’re holding their shape nice and
strong so what we’ll do is get some
rosemary some sage just tear it up and
then just get a little bit of lemon zest
just use your knife or a speed peeler
just to sort of take those lovely little
bits of yellow skin off the lemon and
then some nice extra virgin olive oil to
get that in there
I want to lightly dress the potatoes in
the olive oil and a nice pinch of salt
and a nice pinch of pepper and just get
your hands in and just give them a
lovely toss around so we can get this on
the barbecue now just lay them down like
this and you won’t believe how quick and
how lovely these end up being and talk
about something a bit different as well
do you know I mean I’ve got me steak I’m
just gonna literally put a little bit of
olive oil on the steak and Pat it
I don’t want loads of oil just a little
patting of it and then this is ready to
cook get it on that barbie let’s just
turn this over it
look at these chips man this is great
really really good so what I’m going to
do is while these are cooking I’m gonna
make a lovely flavored oil and it’s
slightly different to usual I’m gonna
get myself a nice little bunch of
Rosemarie you could use time you could
use sage qs bay get something heavy and
blunt could be like the handle of a
knife or a pestle and mortar thing and
then I’m just gonna put it into a bowl
like this get yourself some oil because
that will transmit the flavor of the
rosemary get your lemon just squeeze a
little bit in there and I’m gonna turn
look at that delish and then you use
this as a little bit of a sort of
paintbrush really and you just use this
to sort of flavor get you know sort of
caramelized cookies or lemon oil flavor
over your chips beautiful I think we’re
ready to go get my lovely potatoes the
most incredible barbecue crisps and then
nice bit of steak have a little feel up
little wad you rock it delish get our
lovely ketchup and just get it in there
what a dish that has got to be one of the best and that is superb mate
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