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JAMIE’S SPECIALS | Seafood Linguine | Jamie’s Italian

hey guys hope you’re well okay so I’m in

my Test Kitchen and I want to give you a

little teaser from the new menu that’s

about to start in James Italian I’m

going to put it on today as a special

and it’s beautiful it’s perfect for this

time of year when the weather’s getting

a little bit better we’re celebrating

seafood have a little look at this we

got prawns we got squid

we’ve got scallops absolutely delicious

it’s a really quick delicious pasta that

I think you’re gonna love now the pasta

we make every single day at James

Italian so this is linguini we’re using

organic eggs we’re using semolina and

tipo di 0 which is a type of flour and

this only takes a minute to cook and

that’s fine because this sauce only

takes a minute to cook so I’m going to

whack this in to the water we’re gonna

season our water with salt I’ve got a

pan on the heat here but I’m just gonna

slice this scallop into two or three and

we’re gonna put that in at the very end

we’ve got the prawns here as well and

the squid will just finely slice those

as thin as you can and they will cook

nice and quick as well

now the fragrant things to go with it

are absolutely classic we’ve got the

garlic here just chopped garlic we got

some anchovy you won’t even taste that

this is going to be like an umami like a

a seasoning this will completely melt

away and be delicious then beautiful

capers I love capers and they’re

fragrant and they’re salty and they’re

delicious and the hero for me of this

dish is this amazing Calabrian chili

sauce so these with these with a little

white wine is all you need for a most

amazing pasta in the pan here we’re

gonna hit that with a nice swig of olive

oil we’re gonna put the prawns in first

because they take a little longer to

cook so just fry those around give them

a little bit of color and add this

sizzling then go in with the garlic and

the smell just changes then go in with

that amazing Calabrian chili look at the

color look at the change of the color or

then going with a good pinch of capers

it’s so fragrant 1 or 2 and chilies and

that will just completely melt away it’s

going to be gorgeous so as soon as

you’ve tossed these prawns around a

second we’re going to go in

some beautiful cherry tomatoes get two

or three cut them in half put them into

the pan and then we can go in with some

squid squid doesn’t take much time to

cook at all

this pass is pretty much nearly there

then what I want to do is just put a

little splash of some nice white wine in

the pan so as that just comes up to the

boil it’s gonna go really creamy look at

that see that creamy sauce beautiful and

then at this stage we go in with the

scallops and the pasta and then you just

basically want to just toss it look at

that with that beautiful light sauce and

then we can just check the seasoning we

can add a little more olive oil little

chopped parsley right I’ll plate this up

you can get this at a starter or as a

main look at the colors try and get all

those juices out of the pan they’re all

delicious the color from the chilies is

amazing squid scallops prawns sweet

cherry tomatoes and chili capers chili

garlic there you go seafood linguini a

little teaser from the new menu that

starts very very soon this will be on a

special today and for the next week beautiful

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