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JAMIE’S SPECIALS | Puglian Burrata Bruschetta | Jamie’s Italian

hey guys hope you well okay so it’s
Monday and I want to do a nice little
special of the day and this my friend is
some amazing burrata burrata mozzarella
look how soft it is in the middle it’s
like we asked there Martin of mozzarella
and I want to do something that’s really
seasonal really beautiful got some
amazing zucchini coming in which is
courgettes and we’ve got all different
shapes and sizes yellows greens so I’ve
finally sliced them about the thickness
of pound coin with some garlic and
chilli look at this look at the color
it’s got a colors alright and we’ll cook
that for about 4 minutes 5 minutes until
soft and then I’m gonna dress it with
good oil and a little swig of lemon
juice almost like a kind of kind of like
a little warm salad right I’m going to
put that on a nice little bruschetta
with the burrata it’s gonna be amazing
so we’ve got some fantastic bread that
we get from the flower station it’s a
sourdough bread it really is amazing so
chef we’re going to just grill that
please big boy so the point of a
bruschetta it’s quite a nice one
bruschetta is toast but we rub it with
garlic nice olive oil and then we can
top it with beautiful things and today
I’m doing this in James Italian as a
starter but it’s a really really nice
way to eat at this time of year this is
an amazing way to cook courgettes as a
side dish very very nice what I like to
do is correct the seasoning now and then
hit it with some lemon juice so it’s
almost like it’s dressed dressed
courgette I’m gonna hit the courgettes
with some mint so mint lemon chili are
really good friends with course yet I
like to serve this warm so not hot and
not cold you definitely don’t it fridge
cold really important this guys when you
get your hot toast you need to rub it
with a little garlic so we take a piece
of garlic and we just have a little rub
once and twice and then we give it a
little jiggle with extra virgin olive
oil and then gonna take this put it onto
a plate and this beautiful soft but
simple courgette dish
we’ll be put on top it’s gonna be
gorgeous and any juices will go into
that bread as well look at the colors it
won’t be hot by chilly but it’ll have a
nice little kind of hum in the
background look at the colors guys and
then the lovely burrata will just lose
the little tank that it comes in so this
my friends is the burrata turn it upside
down and then just bust it open and then
pull it back on itself and that is a
thing of beauty extra virgin olive oil
look look look look look a tiny pinch of
salt tiny pinch of pepper and just a
little bit of mint and that’s it hot
toast warm beautifully cooked zucchini
tear the burrata back on itself extra
virgin olive oil and that is a beautiful
starter to have be amazing lunch really
seasonal absolutely celebrating amazing
you’ve never tasted burrata mozzarella
this is the stuff to try that’s special
today James Italian across the whole
country and for the next week enjoy take care
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