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JAMIE’S SPECIALS | Chicken Under a Brick | Jamie’s Italian

we’re going to make the most delicious

simple chicken dish that you’re gonna

love chicken ala mattoni chicken under

the brick it’s a brilliant technique

that we’ve done at James Italian for ten

years now and the chickens delicious

we’re gonna make a homemade pesto and

this is like no pesto you’ve ever seen

before right it’s really really

delicious we like to set ourself apart

we’ve always invested in higher welfare

beautiful free-range chicken this is

from the Coleman family in Devon and

they do a brilliant brilliant free-range

chicken Creedy Carver it’s called and we

use the legs and the breasts for this

dish we’re using the breast and we

marinate that past when that Chef we

marinate the chicken breast in rosemary

garlic oil a little lemon zest and bay

leaf we do that the day before that’ll

make it more tender and then we’re going

to whack this onto the grill so in James

Italian we invented our own Alma Tony

here for that’s heavy and it’s screaming

hot it makes it juicy and it makes the

skin go beautifully crisp while that’s

cooking let me show you a beautiful

pesto now it’s not the same pesto that

you might think you get from the

supermarket right it’s not bad oil and

pine nuts and parmesan no no no no no so

the word pesto means paste and actually

if you go across Italy they have

hundreds hundreds and hundreds of

different pesto’s and what I love is to

be a bit more seasonal about herbs so

we’ve got basil here we’ve got mint here

and we’ve got parsley and all of this is

going to go into a food processor I’m

gonna go in with almonds so we’re not

using pine nuts love almonds and I’m not

toasting them off because I want the

creaminess then we’re gonna go in with

some parmesan a little bit of garlic

olive oil a little lemon zest really

lightens it and then just Whizzer


just literally take seconds and you know

the traditional recipe would use a

pestle and mortar which is lovely you

can bruise the flavor out but actually I

quite like making it in a food processor

you know it does cut the herbs but it

kind of keeps it fresher I think and

then what we want to do is loosen it

with good oil you know you can blend

nuts you can blend cheese’s pecorino x’

parmesan and actually in our pesto we’ve

got a really special extra cheese which

is salted ricotta so just like the

ricotta or the ricotta cheese the light

cheese the white cheese they have

another one which they salt and it’s

delicious and it’s fresh and I love

blending the parmesan with the salted

ricotta it’s so beautiful and so

delicious look at that and then let’s

have a little taste how are we doing

with that chicken chef I’m just thinking

now about balancing I want to get that

parmesan right the garlic’s good the

herbs are really fresh and sometimes I

like to put a little lemon juice with it

– look look at that super crispy so

finish it with a little lemon juice

little olive oil and we’ll stir it up I

like to put the pesto on the base so

when you cut into your chicken you have

to get that pesto over it

we’re gonna get our chicken and I’m just

gonna slice it just once what’s really

beautiful is two things you can double

check that it’s cooked to perfection but

also you expose that Chris penis and

that juicy juicy breast inside and then

to finish it off just a little lemon

juice a little oil and just a little bit

of rocket little wedge of lemon so there

you go guys

chicken Alma Tony loads of love they’re

super simple food but that Creedy carve

a free-range chicken the crispy skin

that juicy breast that homemade seasonal

pesto with the arm and salted ricotta so

good so so good simple food but made

with love come in and see us James Italian

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