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5 Things to do with…. Pork

so guys I’m gonna give you five
incredible recipes to celebrate the pork
a really underrated me in my opinion but
when it’s done properly when it’s
free-ranging gorgeous it’s such a
fantastic mean me Genaro and example at
a feast of all cooked some beautiful
pork skewers which i know you’re going
to love today’s beautiful day because we
have got example here it’s just chopped
in so we’ve got some tomatoes on the
vine some chilies some spring onions you
got any peppers can we use go and burn
that for me Janelle Bay and pork if you
smash the hell out of it with some salt
we can just take those stalks out and
we’ll make a wicked oil that will flavor
this four cloves of garlic in one that
may I’m just gonna grate it in I’m gonna
put some oil in there now got some pork
fill it here yeah you can just pour that
straight over there but when you do get
the marinade in there just really
scrunch it up just whack us um so over
the top and we’re just going to grill
these simply all I’m gonna do Elliot is
just to take the seeds out on the stalks
the tomatoes I’m just going to take the
green part but I’ll leave the skin the
chili I’ll just take the stalks out you
can do this with a pestle amor but let’s
just do it this way the whole lot oh
when meat comes off the grill always
kiss it with just a little fat because
it will dry a little squeeze of lemon
juice so soft tortilla I’ve just cut
some iceberg we’ve got some avocado got
some coriander there and then our salsa
here we go beautiful grilled pork this
is for my boy example next up we’ve got
honey glazed char siew pork done by the
dumpling sisters they’re brilliant
you’re gonna love this so into the pork
goes half a tablespoon of honey light
soy sauce dark soy sauce delicious right
lamb hoisin six me all for fragrance
ground white pepper doc brown sugar and
one clove of garlic
just cover up cling film and leave it in
the fridge to marinate overnight if you
can so what I usually do
if the pooch has to switch your open to
the girls eating and slather that honey
next up marques pork vindaloo curry
amazing the first thing I’m going to do
is make the actual vindaloo paste I’ve
got each Kashmiri chilies about a
teaspoon of black mustard seeds about a
teaspoon of whole cumin in my little
food processor I’m going to put four fat
clothes of garlic peeled and also half
an inch of ginger two tablespoons of
coconut vinegar tablespoon of oil is
beautifully aromatic toasted whole
spices give this a good whiz to create a
vindaloo paste
I’m going to take my vindaloo paste and
add it to my meat and this needs to be
covered and then put in your fridge
preferably overnight and here is one I
made earlier I’m gonna chop up an onion
the furthest pinch of sword a stick of
cinnamon I’m now going to put the book
pieces into the pan add a cup of hot
water all you gotta do is cover it and
leave it cooking for anywhere between 45
minutes and an hour look at those
beautiful pieces of pork they’ve melted
into the curry next up I’m going to show
you how to make the plastic pork loin
roast find yourself a piece of pork
that’s gorgeous what I’m doing is just
cutting between the skin and the loin of
pork cracklings to be I’m just gonna
store that all over time and rosemary to
flavor our skin salt and pepper all the
way around just a little oil just helps
all those herbs stick to it for scoring
and crackling you want it to be
shareable I’m just gonna put the skin
fat side down first take this out I’m
gonna go back in with the skin side of
the pork they’re half a bottle of
look at that so I’m going to put this
into a tray pour all of this bowl
stomach over the pork get some garlic
cloves and I’m gonna put that in and
around that juice so this goes into the
oven I’m gonna put the pork skin
straight onto the bars of the oven
boom look at that dark gnarly you’re
gorgeous with the crackling people fight
over this stuff so I put this in and
around the board brothers and sisters
around the world this is a beautifully
cooked pork loin that is what it’s all
gorgeous moist delicious pork we’re
gonna finish on a high with assorted
boys doing Chinese pork belly so start
with we have root ginger and orange
Chinese five-spice going into a roaster
train time warm water so these are pork
belly rashes
so put those in we’re gonna put two
portions at the moment if you’ve got to
cook it for long slow time it’s what
we’re gonna do there and then it can go
into the oven for about three or four
hours we are gonna do an amazing plum
sauce to go with it if you can just
cross these up Keystone them into our
pan I’m gonna find it dice up a chalant
a glug of oil two star anise red chili
rice wine vinegar brown sugar to bounce
out and once that bubbles back so ten
minutes so that’s all it need the
perfect plum chutney next up cabbage as
it gets out the white storm
yeah Boober soy sauce that’s it that’s
all it needs now our water is boiling we
can add in the rice cabbage in to sort a
splash of soy sauce for seasoning and
our pork very soft some of our soy sauce
there you go guys buy a fantastic pot
recipes I hope you like this if you do
just share it around and enjoy [Music]
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