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Molten Salt Vs Clear Ice

hey guys welcome back to the dome today
we’re gonna be trying out something that
a ton of people have requested we’re
gonna try pouring molten salt into both
water and ice I’m pretty sure both of
these are experiments that have
previously done by the backyard
scientist and he had some really cool
results he’s got some great stuff on
this channel go check it out if you want
to see more but we didn’t think it was
fair that he had all of the fun so we
want to try it out ourselves plus we got
these nifty cleaner blocks of ice that
you can really see through pretty well
and I want to see how that looks on
camera a quick run-through of how our
salt pouring device works it’s a very
basic frame with just this one piece
it’s on a hinge it’s got a steel cup
that our crucible fits nicely down into
the first binder clip will hold the
steel cup in place on the hinge portion
and then I have additional binder clips
which can fit on the steel cup and that
can prevent our crucible from tipping
out there’s a string attached to the
back of the hinged portion and when that
three two one that was pretty cool the
water definitely looked like he was
exploding it didn’t break the tank which
I kind of thought it might and I’m not
sure what makes the difference between
breaking the tank and not breaking the
tank maybe I need more salt maybe they
need hotter salt a lot of variables in
there but that reacted very violently
and very quickly it’s slightly warm
water not really hot water I think we
three-two-one I honestly think this is
just stronger glass than the aquarium
glass well the heat from our crucible is
now starting to burn our wood so let’s
we got another pretty good explosion
that water really had a lot of energy
coming out of it it was flying through
the air I’m a little surprised our glass
didn’t break but this glass is actually
really strong stuff remember this is the
same thing that we use as our vacuum
chamber it can hold a surprising amount
the pressure apparently both pushing
from the outside and from the inside so
I don’t think there’s any cracks or
breaks on this so it really did a good
job of containing all of our water and
while it may have been exciting to watch
it explode it’s good to know how strong
these things are really our binder clips
are quite warm yeah we did manage to
catch fire to the hinged portion of our
little device here that was fun
not unsurprising though overall though I
think this pouring device works pretty
nicely now we’ve tried a couple times
pouring it into water I want to see what
happens if we pour our molten salt into
a block of ice here we’ve got a block of
ice probably weighs about 20 pounds and
this is ice that’s designed for ice
carving which means it is super clear
you can see through this ice pretty darn
well I’ve drilled a hole about halfway
down through the block of ice which you
can see through the side we’re gonna try
pouring some salt down into that hole
and see what happens you go to a test
I’m gonna fill this with water and see
where it pours so I can have the block
lined up in just the right spot it was
still warm there’s some cores that’s
where it lands first it’s probably a
pretty good spot all right let’s get
some salt melting put it into our
pouring device and pour it into a block
of ice
that sound
oh I think it still is cracking the
surface of the block I just saw their
tiny little cracks appearing in it and
then they seal up right away oh it looks
like a lot of our salt landed on the
back of the block and didn’t really get
down into the drilled out hole of it so
we’ll try scooting the block back and
Wow all right well it didn’t blow up the
block of ice but that was amazingly loud
that was pretty much an explosion right
there holy cow we have sort of an echo
chamber in the dome behind us but that
was really loud it sounded like a
cries we didn’t crack the block wide
surprised take this thing off before it
lights my whole contraption on fire this
will be unwise but I’m just gonna pour
the rest rest of this little salt right
on there Wow is so loud nuts the blocks
of icing you can usually buy at the
grocery store or something like that are
just chipped ice that have been
compressed down into a block and they’re
not nearly as strong as a solid clear
block of ice although I bet we could get
one of those to blow up if we had a
slightly different layout perhaps if we
had a taller block with a longer hole
drilled down into it we would be able to
get more salt down inside the ice and
instead of shooting up into the air like
we had here more of it would push
outward that might be something that we
try in the future I do happen to have
one of these blocks of compressed ice
let’s see what happens when we pour a
three two one exploded pretty well
exactly as far as I had drilled the hole
I had really only drilled to about that
far in because I have a short drill bit
that’s how deep it exploded and then
after it exploded salt tunnel the way
down in that was pretty explosive guys
we’ve tried a couple different things
with molten salt and ice and I haven’t
seen the result I was most hoping for
which is to see the block of ice crack
open or even possibly explode so I’ve
got another block of clear ice it’s
actually an entirely different day I
came back up here with the new block of
ice I’ve got more salt melting in the
foundry and we’re gonna try this one
more time in addition to being a new
block of ice this one is actually also a
little bit thicker and I’ve drilled the
hole a little bit deeper down into it so
hopefully there will be more molten salt
down inside the ice transferring heat
oh great yeah
whoo oh that was beautiful beautiful
look at that that is a clean crack t
like you didn’t fragment everywhere
basically just tore the block in half
that is interesting
so I guess not terribly surprisingly it
tries to take the path of least
resistance this block was thicker left
to right than it was front to back and
it cracked along the thinner axis that
is the result that I was hoping for so a
larger block of ice with a hole drilled
farther down into it gave us a much more
explosive result yeah you can see how it
went all back together that was
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that’s it for now have fun be safe see
you tomorrow [Music]
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