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Molten Metal in a Vacuum Chamber

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molten metal on a vacuum chamber what
happens to it will it bubble and boil
like water will it hold its heat for a
really long time we’re gonna find out
for years we have done experiments using
a vacuum chamber and we’ve done
experiments using molten metal and today
for the first time we’re going to see
what happens if we put molten metal into
a vacuum chamber here’s what we’re going
to try we’ve got two cups of equal
amounts of aluminum we’re going to melt
them both down one of them will go
inside a vacuum chamber and one of them
will sit outside the vacuum chamber
let’s find out what happens differently
we’ve got these two steel cups and we’re
going to put these into our furnace and
melt down the aluminum inside them they
started off as the same cup we cut this
one in half just so that we can see
inside it better we just want to watch
what happens inside our vacuum chamber
and visions gonna be a little bit
limited this one’s gonna be outside the
vacuum chamber so we should be able to
see into it just fine anyway we’ve also
got on the lid of our vacuum chamber
it’s a digital thermometer that goes up
to about nineteen hundred degrees
Fahrenheit or just over 1,000 degrees
Celsius what we’re gonna do is tape that
switch down and set it on so that as we
pull out the vacuum and leave it in a
vacuum it is giving us a constant
readout of the temperature of the metal
hopefully that will let us see how fast
thermometer which is still attached to
this lid actually only showing a
temperature of about 500 degrees
Fahrenheit a little bit more depending
on the angle I get I think it’s probably
kind of hard to read aluminum which is
very shiny in places it might struggle
with that aluminum isn’t liquid at 500
Fahrenheit so that’s probably not a
perfect representation but it is gonna
give us a comparison between the two
aluminum is definitely cooling down it’s
now at that stage that’s weirdly
clay-like I can stab into it with a
little bit of pressure but it’s
still showing a span of around 350 to
400 Fahrenheit yeah 350 to 410 450 this
has only been going for maybe 5 minutes
out of the furnace order of operations
I’m going to tape down the trigger I’m
gonna pull out the metal cup full molten
aluminum set it on the brick throw the
lid on and then turn on the vacuum metal
in the chamber suddenly getting a very
high temperature reading alright we are
lowering the pressure in the vacuum
chamber oh no our thermometer just
huh the aluminum is putting off so much
heat it heated up the electrical tape
which got loose and let go of our button
think I even saw a couple of bubbles
coming up out of the aluminum there our
thermometer did turn off again
it was reading about 435 when it turned
off but that aluminum is bubbling just a
little bit I’ll admit I did not think we
are gonna get any bubbling from our
metal I’ve never seen molten aluminum
bubble the way it’s doing right now is
it cooled down so I think this is the
vacuum that’s causing that the glass has
actually heated up a lot it’s really hot
Oh No see if it still works error this
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to checking out our vacuum to metal
I want to try and get both of these
pieces of aluminum out and see what
differences I can find so let’s see if
we can separate them alright so this is
interesting this is sort of some pieces
of the aluminum that melted but I never
stirred the aluminum on top of it so you
can just sort of see the stick formation
left this one seems to have more pitting
and bubbling on the bottom and again
this is the one that was in the vacuum
chamber and this is the one that was not
I think I want to cut both of these in
half and see if there’s any difference
on the inside
I would say on the inside they look
pretty much the same at least when you
cut him in half with a hacksaw so what
did we get out of putting molten metal
in the vacuum chamber the surface
definitely cooled down differently the
one that we put in the vacuum chamber
has a lot more pits a lot more strange
angles to it and overall just a very
different texture the one that was in
the vacuum chamber is more of a flat
silvery aluminum color maybe we have a
different sort of aluminum oxide that’s
formed different composition different
speed that it formed it’s pretty much
the same color as what’s on the edge of
this one here this one is the same color
pretty much all the way across except
for a little bit of slag here in the
corner and then of course what surprised
me the most is that while it was in the
vacuum chamber it seemed to have bubbles
rising up out of it I was also amazed at
how much heat it put off the outside of
that vacuum chamber got really hot we
did have something of a casualty of war
this is the thermometer that I was
trying to use and it seems to have an
issue scanning the surface of aluminum
it wasn’t really giving us an accurate
reading it was only giving us a reading
of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit while
the aluminum was still molten and
aluminum does not melt that temperature
so unfortunately this is not the best
way to measure the temperature of molten
aluminum we’re gonna have to look into
that a little bit later maybe we can
find a thermocouple that actually goes
down into the aluminum to measure it
there so we may have to revisit this
experiment later on when we have a
little bit more industrial equipment
that can handle some of these
temperatures also thanks again to our
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