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Have You Seen What Glow Sticks Do in the Microwave?

Oh glycerin really doesn’t want to mix
in you just sort of see the blob hey
guys I’m Nate welcome back to the
workshop where once again we’re gonna be
doing some fun experiments with glow
sticks last time playing around for glow
sticks and the fluid inside we
discovered some fun properties of them
like how to make them glow brighter by
heating them up or oddly by mixing them
with dish soap today we have a variety
of experiments we want to try we’re
gonna see what happens if we mix a bunch
of different fluids with our glow sticks
and see if they react at all
we’ll try taking our glow sticks and
popping them in the microwave to see
what happens if we heat them up like
that and then we’ll take a bunch of our
glow stick fluid and we’ll put it in the
vacuum chamber to see if we get some
glowing bubbles because I think that
would look really cool we’ve got a bunch
of glow sticks and we’ve got a bunch of
I’ve got a whole lot of glow sticks
cracked open into some cups they aren’t
really activated yet because we haven’t
cracked open the colored portion in the
glass vials but we’ll do that one at a
time and then try adding our chemicals
there we go very nice bright liquid this
is actually a mix of three different
we’ve got like the green and the yellow
and the orange I think all mixed
together really interesting how can look
orange and green at the same time
because there looks green turning a
little bit there’s more orange look to
it it’s really interesting now as a
reminder for why we’re trying all these
chemicals here’s what happens if we mix
a little bit of dish soap in with our
Glo fluid it suddenly gets way way
brighter like it was already very bright
and you mix that soap in and it just
gets crazy like a lantern but putting
out all that energy has a cost
it no longer lasts nearly as long once
the soap is mixed in it gets very bright
but then it starts to dim after not too
much time we also discovered that if we
go ahead and add more soap after it’s
already started reacting and slowing
down all of that light just gets sucked
right out of it and we’re back down to
barely glow
it’s not even glowing any more craziness
so that was discovered completely by
let’s see if we get any other source of
kind of similar results from any of
these variety of chemicals most of these
are just picked at random because I
thought they all might have different
compositions and I wanted to see if they
would do anything that looks like a cup
full of lava for this one we’re gonna
see what happens if we mix in some
household bleach it’s actually reacting
like something is bubbling and fizzing
in there I don’t know if it looks like
the color is changing I don’t think it’s
really getting any brighter but it is
that’s an interesting color right there
this one has four of the magenta sort of
colored and one of the orange and it’s
giving us this sort of peach colored
glow pretty fun for this one we are
going to see what happens if we mix in
some super glue those color changed and
I think it’s gotten dimmer and a little
bit more oh yeah that just got way
darker something about the superglue is
stopping the chemical reaction that puts
off light that’s interesting it also
seems to be doing a really good job of
actually mixing in like there’s not
clumps of superglue floating around or
bits of it stuck to the bottom it seems
like it’s just dissolved into the liquid
in the first video I talked about how
the glow stick fluid has a very oily
texture on my fingers
we’ll see what happens if we just mix in
a little bit of three in one oil
I think that’s getting dimmer we’re
losing light definitely less bright than
it was a second ago let’s try adding
more much dimmer pulls it way down
almost as much as a superglue I think
there’s still a little bit of glow to it
well we got some cool reactions with the
bleach the superglue and the
three-in-one oil we didn’t get any
change with the others
we tried dish detergent isopropyl
alcohol glycerin hydrogen peroxide clear
Elmer’s glue and methyl alcohol but we
didn’t see any noticeable results with
our experiments done of mixing the
different chemicals into our Glo fluid
it’s time to move on to our next test
which is going to be microwaving our
glow sticks I’ve got three identical
glow sticks and we’ll prep them all
differently to compare the three one of
them I’ll crack and leave out of the
microwave one of them all cracked and
put into the microwave and the other one
I’ll put into the microwave first and
then I’ll crack it and we’ll see what
difference in glowing brightness we get
out of them
oh yeah it’s definitely getting brighter
that was about 10 seconds you know it’s
not very warm though and I think it is
supposed to be the heat that activate so
I’m actually just gonna put it over a
little bit longer hopefully it doesn’t
all right that’s noticeably warm now in
my hand and we can already see the
difference between the microwaved one
and the not microwaved one it definitely
is brighter so now let’s try cracking
the microwaved one that hasn’t been
cracked yet and see if it’s the same
brightness as the one that we cracked
first and then microwaved I bet it will
be boo and it went very quickly that
activated much faster might even be a
little bit brighter maybe that’s just
because it’s been cracked for only a
couple seconds and the initial chemical
reaction is brighter we can see that the
warm ones are definitely brighter than
the cool one and it does seem like the
one that I microwaved first and then
cracked is brighter than the one that
cracked from in microwave let’s also try
taking one of our cups that didn’t
really seem to react with the chemicals
in it and put that in the microwave and
see if it gets brighter this is the cup
that had the isopropyl alcohol mixed in
and it didn’t really change much so
let’s see if a couple seconds in the
oh yeah absolutely heats it up and makes
it much brighter when I started boiling
it even it’s a it’s a propyl alcohol for
you doesn’t take a lot of heat oh and
it’s dripping so I may have maybe melted
through part of the cup or something
like that I think yeah I think the
structural integrity of my cup is
that is way brighter comparison next to
the hydrogen peroxide which also didn’t
change it much he definitely adds
something we’ve learned what happens
when we mix a bunch of chemicals in with
our Glo fluid and we’ve experimented
with using our glow sticks in the
microwave – pretty great effect it got
quite a bit brighter now I think what we
need to do is take a bunch of our glow
stick fluid put it in a cup and see what
happens to it in a vacuum chamber before
I activate our Glo fluid and put it in
the vacuum chamber I do want the best
glow possible so I am gonna throw it in
the microwave for about 10 seconds I’m
not going to add the soap though because
I think that might change how it bubbles
and I’m afraid that it would be really
bright but then died out too quickly so
we’ll have it warm but no chemicals
added to it
all right pressure is dropping in the
container I see some bubbles starting
there we go that is bubbling it’s about
now that I’ve seen what happens without
any soap mixed into it I feel like I
kind of have to try with the dish soap
mixed in because it does make it so much
whoa all the brightness is going away
not all of it but a lot of it oh and we
get big old bubbles from the soap it
does look like some weirdo magical
potion right there but most of that glow
is gone it’s interesting it just looks
like there’s a little bit of glowy on
the very bottom but that everything else
has sort of stopped glowing and back
some pressure this is pretty wild yeah
we’ve just got a little bit of glowing
on the very bottom of the cup pink –
there was one pink glow stick and four
blue glow sticks with from the top down
you can also see that it’s just
separated it around to this ring at the
bottom something about the soap and the
vacuum really made it separate apart
that’s just the pure fluorescent dye or
something I’m not sure see if the cup
still glows under a blacklight it does
but not nearly as much here’s the pink
color that we mixed one of our other
chemicals into and it still has a fair
amount of glow you can see just how dim
this one is at this point this glow
fluid is a lot of fun to play with and
we’ve got some fun ideas of what to do
with it but if you have any others let
us know down in the comments hey guys
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