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Carving Raw Eggs with Vinegar

in today’s video we are seeing if it’s
possible to carve eggshells using the
acid found in vinegar guys in a previous
video you saw me dissolve an egg shell
to make a rubber egg using the acetic
acid found in vinegar so today I want to
put that to the test you’ve probably
seen those really cool eggs that people
carve and make really really pretty
designs well they’re beautiful but they
take a lot of time I want to see if we
can make a cheap method today here’s the
basic idea we have three different
substances that should make egg shells
impervious to the acid found in vinegar
let’s see if we can carve patterns on
these shells using these substances now
here’s where this idea came from I’m not
sure if you’ve ever seen that really
easy kids science project where you use
basically a darkly colored soda and
fluoride toothpaste now what you do is
you go one side of an egg with fluoride
toothpaste and you drop it into a cup
full of soda what happens is the
eggshell itself will actually start to
become a mottled Brown or a dark sort of
color where the toothpaste isn’t the
basic idea there is that it’s showing
you just how fluoride protects the
enamel on your teeth and what soda can
do to your teeth as well so I want to go
ahead and see if using toothpaste we can
basically put a design onto an eggshell
dropped into some vinegar and see if it
will actually protect it from an acetic
acid found in it there’s two other
things I want to try as well both a
clear nail polish and a clear acrylic
varnish now the reason why is because I
want to see if just putting a coating on
the outside of the shell is gonna
protect it from the vinegar I’m not sure
if it will but I want to find out all
right so we’ve got our supplies we’ve
got our eggs let’s go ahead and get
started so for our first test I’m gonna
go ahead and try our fluoride toothpaste
now I don’t really think even using a
squeezy tube that’s gonna come out very
pretty so we’re gonna go and use a
dosing syringe to get that toothpaste
into a design on our eggshell
that should work alright let’s see if we
can make this happen now normally when
you carve an egg you want it to go all
the way around I’m not gonna worry about
that today because I want to be able to
set this down to see if we can dry just
a little so we’ll just do one side of
each so anywhere that our toothpaste or
our paint or nail polish is going to be
that’s where hopefully the eggshell will
not dissolve all right next up clear
nail polish quick drying so for our nail
polish and our acrylic varnish or
polyurethane varnish I’m gonna go ahead
and make our designs a little more
intricate because I’m crossing my
fingers if these might work just a
little bit better simply because I’m not
sure our toothpaste is gonna dry so
we’re gonna go ahead and leave this one
for now start on our acrylic and once
this is dry we’ll go ahead and do the
other side
alright one side on the acrylic egg done
so now that our nail polish egg is dry
I’m going to go and flip it over work on
that well just one dries so it is much
harder to see the acrylic paint on this
egg but that’s the point by the time
everything dries and if this works I
want it to look like just a regular egg
so I’m liking the fact that it’s so hard
to see all right so all those dry I
actually have one other idea for our
eggs now right here I’ve got an egg that
I hollowed out earlier you can see that
I’ve put little pin holes through it and
then blown out all of the guts the
reason why is because my hope is that
without the inside it may actually allow
the vinegar to seep into it too might
make it a little bit easier for the HL
to dissolve wherever I don’t have
anything covering it let’s see what we
can do
while that dries again next go to the
next one I have the nicest handwriting
guys playnig and just within a couple of
seconds you can start to see the carbon
dioxide bubbles forming on the surface
of that shale our toothpaste egg which
is just a messy night man let’s be
honest here nail polish our regular
acrylic paint and our hollow eggs which
is only just occurring to me that I
think it’s gonna float so most of this
egg is already covered in acrylic paint
so I’m just gonna make sure that the
part with tea Kor is face down
fingers crossed that works oh yeah
that’s just gonna sit like that now this
is a good sign already you can see on
the nail polish egg and the acrylic
paint egg that is solid not Hollow you
can see that where I’ve got the acrylic
paint and the nail polish the bubbles
are forming around those places that’s a
good sign we don’t necessarily need to
cover these up but it smells a lot like
vinegar in here so I’m gonna go ahead
and cover the tops of saran wrap we’ll
all right guys so I’m gonna be honest
with you I left these eggs over the
weekend and most of them died my dad I
mean that they completely dissolved some
of them were just total messes and there
wasn’t anything left so we started a new
batch these ones have been in here about
24 hours they were two that I left
because I thought they were pretty
interesting the toothpaste egg and our
hollow acrylic egg did things I wasn’t
expecting so let’s go to take a look at
all of these and just kind of show you
how these turned out you’ve seen us make
a rubber egg before by dissolving off
the shell using acetic acid found in
vinegar before so this is just one of
those eggs and how it’s done shell
itself is slime basically left with it’s
just a rubber bouncy egg that you
wouldn’t want to bounce because it’s
rotten disgusting we have one very very
squishy egg with almost all of its shell
dissolved you can see where it kind of
raised up to the surface this part
wasn’t fully submerged into vinegar but
even that would come off if I just
rubbed it enough all right so our
toothpaste egg I think there’s still an
egg in there this actually just ate all
the way through now it had started to
crack in spiderweb and now the shell is
it’s still there much more than the
other egg shell but it’s still goofy and
it could still come off so it’s
toothpaste going to save an egg shell
from acetic acid no it’s not you can
just see the difference so we’re gonna
go ahead and wait on our two painted
eggs I think these two actually probably
had some good results so fingers crossed
I want to take a look at our hollow egg
real quick because this one also looked
like it was going to work like the
toothpaste one now the toothpaste one
was fascinating because it held out
longer than the normal plane egg did
with our hollow egg it survives but in a
fascinating way I don’t even think I can
take this out of the vinegar because all
that’s left right now is the bubble skin
there’s nothing that’s protecting on the
inside so all there are some places that
you can see that the acrylic paint sort
of saves this shell I think it actually
got inside eight up and around in it and
so now it’s just well it’s that yeah
there’s vinegar and this is what makes
me think that a
she’ll fully got eaten thirst because
you can actually see there’s liquid
inside this was a fully hollow egg it
just soaked up the vinegar the vinegar
somehow managed to get in the egg
through those little tiny pinholes I
don’t even know where but the shell
itself is just flaking into pieces in my
hand now so that’s really gross
so first we’ll go ahead and take a look
at our egg that was painted with nail
polish now already you’re kind of
excited because you can actually see
that the shell is still there intact in
some places where I painted it on so my
hope is that any place where you can
still see white stripes where the paint
was I’m hoping that that is still solid
shell so that when we pop it and we try
and drain out the egg itself that’ll
ah-ha so far so good this is hilarious
the egg because the egg was starting to
rot its expanded so if you get a
top-down view you can actually see that
the egg itself is expanding from where
the shell was which means this is gonna
snow really great when I break it open
gross gross gross oh my gosh yeah there
you go laser light show age we’ll see if
we can carve out that lining see if we
could just get that shell like we want
yes in case you’re wondering the entire
studio smells like rotten egg and
vinegar a carved egg using nail polish
an acid let’s take a look at our
polyurethane paint egg
hopefully it’ll pour out just as easy
I’m a little bit more concerned if you
take a look at this one you’ll notice
that it doesn’t look like the acetic
acid has eaten through as much of the
shell also there seems to be some cracks
up at the top on one side I’m just very
glad that Nate isn’t in the studio today
he’s not trying to eat anything right
now this one did not survive nearly as
well as the nail polish babe you can
actually see the cracks running through
the shell it still feels pretty stable I
still want to try though it did eat
through the sides I don’t know if it’s
gonna work as well but let’s find out
okay well so far so good
similar results you can definitely see
that some of these sides did not hold up
as well but they’re still there I’ve
already lost that one side right there
so I’m not even a finish trying I am
going to try and peel out that lining
because the nail polish did survive me
pulling out the lining this one just me
trying to slice through isn’t working if
I pull it out I have a feeling this
whole thing’s gonna crumple but let’s
see as I’m working the whole egg is just
crumbling so I think that’s as good as
we’re gonna get
with regular just clear acrylic paint
however compared to our fully hollow egg
we’re still doing better so comparison
time we’ve got our fresh regular egg
we’ve got our control test plain egg an
egg with toothpaste and egg with acrylic
paint a hollow acrylic paint egg and
then shockingly to me the nail polish
egg that’s the one that survived and now
obviously I was just going for a very
quick and easy design something that I
thought would structurally hold up which
it obviously did but if you wanted to
spend some time even with another sort
of clear nail polish and really put in
some detail you can carve an egg without
having to do much work all you got to do
is paint it put it in some vinegar
overnight hey guys thanks for watching
click up there if you want to see our
last video and we’ll see in the next one talk to you then
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