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Welcome to an Adventurer’s Year-Round Paradise: British Columbia | National Geographic

so you’ve been here before have never
been here before no first time
do not ask what the world needs ask what
makes you come alive and go do it
because what the world needs is people
who have come alive
I found this quote probably five or six
years ago I really liked the message of
asking yourself what makes you come
alive for me it’s not just about going
out and having these physical challenges
it’s about getting out there and putting
yourself in these positions where you
may experience something that you didn’t
expect and those are the things that you
remember for the rest of your life
British Columbia seems like the perfect
place to explore and to expand my
experiences because it is so big it is
so diverse I feel like I could spend a
lifetime here and still never explore
all that there is
awesome great word
I’m walking away from British Columbia
with this feeling that there are all
these unique and diverse experiences
that don’t exist anywhere else in the
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